September 28, 2009


Known to be the festival to celebrate the victory of good over evil, Dussehra is an extremely important festival in India. As much as we must celebrate this day, I see this as a day to introspect and cleanse ourselves as a person. As we keep celebrating this day year after year, we must attempt to grow as a person and purify our thoughts, deeds and indeed life overall. If we feel we are growing in 'real' sense as a person, we will be truly appreciating the spirit of Dussehra. Ram defeated Ravana on this day, as legends go. Ram is a metaphor for the good, and Ravana for evil. Applied to us, we must first strive to get closer to the good before we could wipe-off the evil around us. Let's start by cleansing our inner selves.

When I think of Dussehra, I remember a beautiful line in a song from the movie Swades

Mann se Ravana jo nikale, Ram uske mann mein hain...

Beautiful line. Very inspiring.

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pandemonic scribbles.. said...

Mann se Ravana jo nikale, Ram uske mann mein hain..That's written on my study desk too! Good that you posted over here. Simple yet so meaningful.