July 31, 2011

Adi is upset b'coz...

adi is upset with me because: 1. i insist on he wearing clothes. he dsnt like to wear any clothes at all unless ur tkg him out.....he believes kids shud nt be dressed up until they can spell out which clothes they want to wear. 2. i dnt let him bathe himself. adi says he's old enough to play in his bathtub n dsnt like soap. so y cnt v leave him in wateer all day. 3. i comb his unruly hair. thxs to adi we need 5 bottles of oil a month, i mean he has wild mane but no i cnt comb it, tie a pony coz he dsnt approve of tht..... inspired by kangana ranaut look i guess.... or is it farhan akhtar in rock on !........ 4. adi is nt sure y i try to mk him sleep by 11 pm coz he likes to party till 2 am...... by then me n sree r half dead.... but adi is a noctural creature 5. tht v gv him only porridge n soft diet where as we binge on all delicacies likes pani puri blah blah lah..... hence me n maa eat in bathroom if he's awake..... 6. he's nt sure y i dnt allow him to turn gas knobs since nw he's tall enuf to turn them on his own...... net net adi is curious like a cat.. 7. yesterday he was upset coz he tried lifting the whole of watermelon n cudnt n held me responsible for conspiring agst him..... 8. he likes to run out the moment door is opened n i hold him back n then he howls....... y cnt he step out n run towards the staircase.

July 30, 2011

Adi & his red apple

A very dear friend of mine (Kaminni), who is also a mother of a naughty little boy - Aditya (whom I have not seen yet), started sending me short emails on Adi's life! I loved what she wrote and more importantly, how she wrote. I could almost see Adi in front of my eyes doing all that she has described. So I took permission from her to re-post these short emails here. I am reproducing the text exactly the way she sent me. I have added few details in italics to add details that may not come out otherwise! God bless Adi, his mom and dad! :)

last nite adi wnted an apple. noooo he desnt hv any proper teeth to bite n eat apple just tht he likes "to eat apple on his own". so at abot 8.30 pm he stated "nibbling". at 8.45pm i noticed apple had shrunk thxs to adi's nibbling. at 9 pm adi noticed a blue stan c rubber ball (adi's dad works for Standard Chartered Bank - stan c refers to the bank) n thot it was a blue apple. so he started nibbling the ball. nw at 9.30 pm he got frustrated cos he cudnt nibble the ball. so he came back to his old apple. at 10 pm he got attratced to the bathroom door n kept banging it since i didnt let him in n play in water n yes he started howling....... finally at10.30 pm i made peace n gave him two bathroom tumblers yes...... after washing them properly else sree wl throw me out....... by 10.45 pm i had eaten two unwanted apples thrown by adi.....hw cud i waste... v r paying in $s (they are based out of Singapore now)........ vfm....... at 11 pm adi threw all his stuff, clothes, toys, blankets on the floor..... he likes to do a stock-taking twice a day from the fear that his mum mite be stealing his stuff...... hence he's veri cautious....... at 11.15 pm i had lost my patience n gained high bp looking at his room...... at 11.30 pm adi leapt on to sree (adi's dad - Sreeram) when door opened n gave me a look which said : i dnt knw when wl i go to play group...... i m tired of this home.....nw m thinking teachers r grossly underpaid...... god bless them