September 19, 2009

Next is what?

When we play video games, there are times we get stuck at one level without knowing how to go to the next level. That's always fun, the pursuit of the door to the next level. However, things get boring when you are not sure what the next level is, forget about how to reach there.

I am stuck in this phase in a game we call life. I have crossed many levels and it has been an exciting game. But now, I feel stuck. I cannot see the next level and hence obviously the way to get there. Sure, there has to be some next level in this game. Till I see it, I roam around at this level. And since I know this level quite well now, it is a boring stagnant phase.

Conventional wisdom would suggest that I get married and that is the next logical level in this game. Well, if I were conventional I would not have been here at the first place. So, that is surely not the level I want to jump to. There has to be something else.

Next is what, I wonder!


Someone, u no ;) said...

you always think or rather people around you make you think that this is the right time for you to get married & you always end up telling them that, thats not the case!
And I always end up similing on these thoughts.
I appreciate that your family is so supportive & understand you, because I don't think that any of my cousins were asked that whether they want to get married or not? Parents think that after 23 or 24 all children are eligible to get married and if they finish their studies then it's a golden moment for them to get them married.
I carried one survey, samples were my Parents, their bro's & sis's (my aunts & uncles), their childred(my cousins who got married).
I asked Parents that why you thought that they must get married, first they were speechless, shocked! staring at me. I have this habit of arguing and asking such questions ofcourse to right set of people. Then they said was :
1. It's the perfect age,
2. They need someone who will look after them or whom they will look after,
3. Funnies was that their grandparents are getting old & they want to see their grandson/daughters marriage, & even their grandgrandson/daughter.
4. What else is their to do so the next step after a good carrier is mariage & have own family. etc, etc...

Poor Kids( my cousins) said:
1. They were not even asked that whether they are interested in getting married,
2. They think what their parents think for them is right (adarshwadi kids!),
3. They don't know what is right so their elders are guiding is right,
4. Shocking fact is that they (especially girls) don't have much high aspirations of making a carrier of own & having their own individual identity. They think that graduation is more than enough & like that also still people don't allow their daughter in laws to do job, so it's okay why to struggle when you know that you have to be a homemaker.
Finally I feel you are so Lucky.
Enjoy! :)

hariharan said...

I guess u want to play a different version of the game. The levels of which very few know and hence not played by many.
Hope u get the next level very quickly and play the version which u want to