September 18, 2009

Hyderabad and it's cuisines

I was in Hyderabad for the last 2 days. While there, I was recommended to try out their Ramadan special cuisines. As in my nature I gave it a shot. What I ordered for dinner (and I was told it would be full enough for me) was Hyderabadi Haleem and Kubani ka meetha. Haleem is a special thingie made out of mutton meat and it takes about 10 hours to make the best Haleem. During Ramadan, muslims break their fast be eating the high-calorie Haleem. There are quite a lot of stalls selling Haleem in Hyderabad during Ramadan days as I could see. I guess it would be available in other parts of the country too. It is more like a paste of micro-grinded meat. Kubani ka meetha is a sweet-dish made primarily with apricots/dates. I did not like either of it. The tastes were very distinct from what my taste buds generally experience and like. I had to order something less exotic (butter naan and chicken kadai) to satiate my hunger eventually.

I'm back home to more familiar idli sambar!

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