September 13, 2009

Flash of violence

I cannot stand violence. Not that I do anything to stop it when I see one. What I mean is I become extremely uncomfortbale to see someone being beaten up on streets or a physical fight. It is as if I am involved in it. It's actually quite eery the way I get affected by the entire incident. It stays on my mind for a while with a bad after-taste. Always been so, though logically I should remain unaffected. I saw a guy being beaten up by a group of four on the streets the other day. It was pretty bad. As in such cases, nobody had any real clue of what had transpired leading up to the fight. Four on one is outright imbalance. Irrespective of what the victim had done, violence should not be resorted to. Somehow the thought does not go into my system easily.

Personally, I have almost never been involved in a physical fight. I have had fights with cousins as a kid but never after I have 'matured'. Sure, I am not a 6'3" giant who can get on top of any body. So one clear reason why I would not believe it is smart to try and 'beat around'. Would my take on violence be different if I was indeed a macho stud? Not sure. Don't think so actually. About being macho, never understood the hype about looking a stud and having a great physique over which girls would drool. Again, may be because I don't match this description. But that's hardly true. One could try and work towards 'style' I guess. I have never tried. never would.

I have always carried the image of a softie-softie guy. Right from my school days. The emotional metro-sexual guy if it sounds savvy :) In fact, a friend's testimonial in my Orkut profile has this mention about me being called a 'baby' by a girl in college. Not in the romantic sense of that term but more like a 'cho-chweet-you-are'! And when a girl says that to you, she won't touch you with a barge pole! During those days, I used to dress pathetically and carry myself oddly. Actually, I'm still the same to a large extent, isn't it? So, those days, for a girl to choose me to 'date' (whatever that term actually means - never understood it) would have been improbable.

I remember an interesting incident from my college days that I must share here. I was in First Year B'com back then. On one of those stupid sham-days of college life called 'Friendship Day', a girl wanted to befriend me. Tying a band/writing her name on my palm was how friendships worked! I was one of the few students who had cleared CA Entrance exams in my college, so that explains why someone would venture doing something like what she did. 'Perceived' intelligence has always been an ever-green quality, right? Any way, so after the 'Day' you tend to talk and interact with your 'new friends' and so was the case between me and her. I had no clue what we were talking for. It seemed too forced. So after a couple of days, as we are talking (rather trying to talk something that made sense), a stud walks up to me. Checks me out. Gives a wry smile. Asks the girl to leave. Looks at me. No, actually stares. Keeps staring. Throws off attitude. Puts a hand on my shoulder and blurts something out, something that went like this: 'Dude, you are a kiddo. Be like one. The girl you are talking to is my chaavi (a dirty-sounding word that vaguely means girlfriend). I don't like her talking to you. What are you doing with her? Do not try to play smart and hook her up. It won't be good for you. You won't even know how and where you get beaten up. It would be better if you stay away from her and leave her for me.'

I guess he expected me to go macho and threaten to beat him up and some mumbo-jumbo like that. Where as, I am like why is he saying all this to me! So I reply, almost smiling, 'Well sure Sire.. all yours!' His expression in return reflected he missed a chance to start-off a brawl.

A similar scene in a bollywood movie would have had the hero in my place reply - 'Dude, I never wanted to hook her. Now since you are asking me not to, I will. I want to see what you do.' :)) My interactions with the girl continued till the 'Friendship Day' thingie fizzed out. I hope he eventually got to marry her :D

P.S. 1: Did you notice that one of the purposes of posting this piece is to tell the world that I have testimonials in Orkut? :P :))

P.S. 2: One of my friends from the fairer sex tells me that girls drool over softie guys these days. Wow, am so happy :))))

P.S. 3: Informed readers who knows me reasonably well must know which parts of this post to be taken seriously!


nitin said...

Funny incident...The way u reacted was cool. I agree tht he must have felt, he missed a chance to fight wit u..

Amu said...

hee hee good one .....P.S. 1..was a smart move .....and who is 'the girl' who told u that

Someone, u no ;) said...

...very smart!