September 24, 2009

Me and the press!

Statutory Warning: This post has a lot of 'ME' written over it. I have given the 'rule of modesty' an exception in here! So, beware :)

As a part of my professional life, I have got opportunities of being quoted in the press, mostly financial media. Dealing with the press has always been tricky and exciting. Tricky, because a lot of times I said one thing and what was typed was technically same yet different in gist. Exciting, because I am being read by a lot and my name's on the news page! So here's a collation of some of my brushings with the press over the past:

As a part of my life with ING
My only interview - was with FE! The print edition had my photograph with the article. Cannot find it on the online version though.

Some of my views/quotes: Reuters, Yahoo Finance, Hindustan Times

As a part of my current professional start-up
FE 1, FE 2, Yahoo Finance 1, Yahoo Finance 2

I decided to put these things up on my blog for three reasons:

1. I wanted an 'artificial' feel-good.

2. I wanted to put these links up in my records and have it till they are available on the net.

3. It is a part of a 'deal' with someone.

P.S.: I know it is 'cheap' to put up these things up on a post! :) But then, I am human too :)) Happy reading


Vishal said...

wow....cools ones....
i dont think the day is far when we'll see full-fledged articles by HARISH MENON!!
All the best!

nitin said...

Sir, there is nothing cheap in mentionin such things as this is ur personal space..
I remember ur one article in FE or Bus std which was titled "Inflation here for a short vacation." I think u ve not included that here.

hariharan said...

This is all yours and hence u can proudly say u have done this, Nothing wrong in it. People take credit for what they have not done. This is not the case here.So tht cheap word is probably to compensate for the lack of modesty in the entire post I guess.

U No Hoo said...

Thanks all.

Nitin - I could not find the online version of that article you mentioned, so not included here.

Sir - You are absolutely right. It is a compensatory move. Years down the line, when I read this again, I will otherwise feel how cheap it was to talk of myself. So it is to give myself a set-off in thoughts :)

Someone, u no ;) said...

... am surprised, speechless & don't know what...
I really didn't knew that our "Mr. U NO HOO" is such a famous personality!!! who had worked superbly in corporate, had a professional life which all of us dream of.
I definately wanted to know many things, but... some how things didn't worked the way I wanted to... :(
forget it... ;)
But am really impressed, very happy to know that the person carrying himself so very casually for his class is not actually that ordinary but have so many hidden qualities in him and have such a successful carrier. Your family & friends must be really proud of you.
...and its in no way cheap to say these things, take my words. In fact am puzzled that what took you so long to make us know this part of yours?

My best wishes are always with you, have a happy & successful life.

nivedithasperceptions said...

You're not being cheap... Certainly not. You've achieved a lot and you've all the right to shout it out from the rooftops! :)

I shall certainly read up your interview :)

shilpa said...

Wowwwwwwwww......Feeling good to see all our articles,,,,I'll come to u very soon to take our autograph ,,,,& tell u that this is not cheap at all,,,,we all are lucky to have u with us ,,,,,,take care & my best wishes are always with u......