September 24, 2009

Ponder over this

It is amazing how we manage to miss the relevant points in life on so many occasions. Two small stories to drive the point home:

1. A couple went with their three children to the beach one day. The children were making castles and enjoying themselves. They saw an old lady in rags coming slowly towards them. She was bending down and picking up some things and putting them into her bag. As she came near the children, the parents shouted out to the kids to stay away from her.

The old lady smiled at them but they did not smile back.

A few days later they learnt that the old lady made it her life to pick up small pieces of glass from the beach sand so that children would not cut their feet.

2. One day a duck hunter went to the market to buy a bird retriever dog. To his amazement he found a dog that could walk on water! He immediately took it home.

He invited one of his friends to hunt the next day and took the dog along. When a flock of ducks came near, he took aim, fired and silently watched. The dog walked on water and retrieved the bird. He looked at his friend for a reaction but the friend remained silent.

He asked him, "Do you see anything unusual about my dog?". The friend replied. "Yes, your dog is unable to swim."

The stories have been extracted from the book "Living Enlightenment"


nitin said...

Many times we judge a person by their appearence or work they do without realising their intentions..

Someone, u no ;) said...

Things always don't work the way you want, people always judge you through their eyes. But what's important is our intention. No matter what others perspective regarding our job is. At the end what matters is personal satisfaction, happiness & peace of mind.

...nice stories!

Anonymous said...

Nice stories... food for thought I must say... :)

hariharan said...

We look at the things as we r and not as the things r.

Our thinking is biased and prejudiced.

Manika Prem Singh said...

The first story is particularly interesting -- in a world where one can not completely trust strangers, the motivation for the person doing good, is goodness itself rather than getting caught up in the trappings that come with being of service..

Ridhi said...