May 29, 2011


...the following movies this year:

No One Killed Jessica: Good movie.

Dhobi Ghat: Again, fine. But expected more considering the hype before the movie.

Dil To Baccha Hai Ji: Ok dokay.

Yeh Saali Zindagi: Very fine. Liked the pace of the movie.

Patiala House: Ok dokay.

7 Khoon Maaf: Good. Priyanka was very good.

Tanu Weds Manu: Ok dokay.

Thank You: Time pass.

Teen Thay Bhai: Time pass too.

Dum Maaro Dum: Good. Again, the pace of the movie was gripping.

Shor In The City: A fine movie.

Chalo Dilli: Ok dokay.

I Am: Good in parts.

Haunted: Stupid.

Ragini MMS: Better than Haunted, still not good.

Stanley Ka Dabba: Well, difficult to dislike a movie with kids involved. One particular kid in it was a chubby little boy, felt like adopting him.

404: Good, intelligent movie. Made me think. Still confused about some parts as to what exactly had they showed.

Fast & Furious 5: Awesome, the best of the lot.

Source Code: Good, akin to Inception.

Lots of movies for few weeks? This is what happens if you are unemployed and have another movies-loving-buddy with you! :)

May 27, 2011

Life's an examination?

I am starting to believe that life, somehow, tests each & every belief you have had in life about various things. For instance, if I love sweets, I happen to get so much sweets-eating-opportunities that at some point I might lose the craving for it. It is as if life looks at you & says "So dude, you love sweets huh? Lets see how much you can take it". Of course, craving for sweets is a relatively trivial issue but the same applies to every other belief, liking and disliking you have ever had.

In my case, my belief system is being constantly put to test through various situations appearing as a small little test. And I must add here, I am not faring very well here. Also, I wonder now how this new belief of mine is going to be tested!

Seven and a half learnings

As a student, taking up the CA course was not really a well deliberated decision for me. It would be incorrect to say that it was my dream to be a CA. In fact, far from it. The decision to take up this course was more by default than design. My elder cousin was doing this course and it was seen as a high Return on Investment course! Well, things went well and I did end up clearing the course in 2004. It has been 7 complete years (almost) since that eventful day.

The other day, in one of my many introspecting/reminiscing hours, I was wondering how life has shaped up since clearing CA. I could think of the following key learnings I have had over this period. Here they go...

1. Money is an important factor in life. To my mind, anyone who says money is not important is either lying or is ultra-rich. Financial security gives you a lot of space to do well in various aspects of life. In no way I am trying to imply that money is THE thing to chase, but having enough of it surely gives a lot of flexibility. Well, how much is enough is a totally different point altogether. Also, I feel earning a fair amount of money after being a CA has not been difficult. If you have a reasonable flair and grip on content, earning a lakh a month before you are 30 is not difficult at all.

2. Having a strong passion about something or having a genuine hobby is a very useful thing in keeping you happy in life. During phases when people and circumstances around you are being discomforting, your passion/hobby can see you through peacefully. It could be a sport, a game, an activity, travel, watching movies, reading books, music, anything. Anything that keeps your mind occupied and not idle.

3. Talking of mind, it is the most important part of our system I guess. Have a control on your mind, things are smooth. If not, it's havoc. Simple yet very difficult!

4. I have also learnt that our views and perceptions about things and people change over a period of time. What I believed 5 years back may not necessarily be my belief now. Things change. Change is the only constant. I know I know, it has been said a million times before.

5. We have a lot more time than what we think we have in life. There is enough time to live your life the way you want (assuming you know what you want!). We can afford to slow down, get off the rat race and relax sometimes. The important things will wait and the things that cannot wait may not be really important.

6. Love is an under-estimated concept. Even after thousand of movies and millions of exposures on it, it is still worth the time and efforts.

7. And finally, never say NEVER. I know I just did, but still!

These are my seven bits of wisdom for myself and for other takers. As always, for whatever it is worth :)

P.S. The final half bit of the learnings is that I am still so much a work in progress. Though I do not know how the finished product is supposed to be like, I am still closer to the start than finish.

May 18, 2011

4 years down

Nothing remarkable to write about, but I felt I owe it to the blog to mention here that the blog completed 4 years yesterday. Been 'dead' for almost a year now though, there is always hope for an eventful tomorrow. These days, I am more a 'visitor' on my own blog, coming here to read some thoughtful long comments by readers :) Keep them coming.