August 16, 2014

What do we do with freedom?

We spit, we litter, we abuse, we kill, we rape, we discriminate, we disobey laws, we break traffic signals, we cut lanes, we bribe, we take bribes, we misuse authority, we cut into forests, we mine all natural resources illegally, we loot the poor in all ways possible. We splurge money on movies and malls, overlooking the poverty just outside and around. We disrespect "outsiders" from "other states" and want only "our people" to prosper.

Of course, we also forward messages about how great India is, and how our national anthem is the best in the world, and how corrupt the ministers are. We do a lot obviously.

We are indeed free to do all the above things. We are truly cherishing this freedom.

Thank you freedom fighters to give us this freedom to do all this and more.