September 30, 2009


Desires, I have read in many spiritual books, are to be restrained to grow spiritually and reach closer to God. The other day, I read this question in a newspaper and quite liked it for its intrinsic simplicity: Isn't a desire of not having desires a desire too?

I will leave it to you to instrospect on this.


sumi said...

desire to have no desire is something a person will feel so when he has achieved all that he wanted in his life, which i think a normal human will never say
or else if say in economics "Human wants are never ending" hence not having any desire ??????? huumm nly a great person can say that.

A desire to not have a desire is something unthinkable for me

hariharan said...

Desire is used in a different context.Desires r something which entangles u and hence u don't reach closer to God as most of the time is lost in getting the desires satisfied. Desires are what leads many of us to do wrong things which takes us away from God. If we don't have desires(although it may be termed as a desire) probably doesn't incline a person do wrong things.

Desire of not having a desire takes u away from entanglement and hence helps us to move closer to god. Its not the desire per se but the effect of desires which takes us away from god.

Vishal said...

I guess these spiritual writings point more towards the desire for Material/Worldly things. Even Saints (they are considered to be at the peak of Spirituality) have desires. They desire to make this world a better place to live, peace of mind, and above all, the desire to keep in touch with GOD.
wow, good GYAAN na...;)

joamoo said...

Does god exist??......hehehe....quiet funny all this...