January 27, 2011


Our priorities in life about people & things change dynamically over a period of time. I guess that's normal. I am not what I was two years back. I experienced some serious change of priorities in my life over the last year or so. That in itself is fair. What I must add is, the people or things that goes off your priority list should not be too off, if I could put it that way. The imbalance, so created, can be disturbing sometimes.

When do I grow up?

When I was a kid, I would think I could touch the moon someday. The belief was at the peak especially those days when the moon appeared bigger than normal, so it was like 'wow, it's coming closer'. As I grew older, my fetish for touching the moon evaporated.

What I did not realize is that am still the same little kid in many ways. Just that the moon has been replaced by many other things.

Resuming the musings

It seems like a lifetime since I have posted last. Time, as they say, is an illusion. So, though the months of blogging-gap seems few, it seems like eternity since I was here the last time. As always, I resume blogging - hoping this time it will stay!

Life has been what it is always, life. Unsteady, surprising, shocking, happy, unhappy, volatile.. all these in regular phases. I have been trying to be myself through all this, but could not always. May be it is being too harsh to expect myself to be so consistently.

In a way, I am searching for myself these days. Somehow I feel I have lost myself, if that is indeed possible. Or possibly, this new me is the actual me. How am I to know since I'm living life for the first time :)

What do I want to write about now? I am not sure yet. Too many random thoughts floating around inside my muddled, cluttered mind. But will let myself go now and write with the flow. Me wants to see where it goes!

I do want to mention something here. I am pleasantly surprised to know that there are many in this world who has been waiting to see my blog active again. Not getting into self-praise. Just feeling a little humbled that few has been 'missing' my blog. Thanks to all such super-fellows :)