March 27, 2010


Life's changing... Slowly but surely.


Insearch Ofdivinity said...

Hi Restless,

Been out of the scene for sometime. But I caught up with your post finally. I see one prevalent theme all across your posts this month. I see 'Change'.

You asked in one of your post as to what is constant? Well as they say, 'Change is constant'. Change can be good or bad depending on your need of the hour. Just as happiness & sadness is a state of the mind & hence can be controlled. So actually, to remain happy & positive when everything else changes around you is actually in your own hands. God bless. Take care.

U No Hoo said...

Good to see you back Insearch. Change it is, as you said. Not a lot of change I want, but then that's how it is. Waiting for the next turn in this beautiful road called life. Keep dropping by.