March 18, 2010

For the teacher in me

Someone sent this to me today and asked me to replace Math teacher with FM teacher! Thankfully, it was a friend who sent this and not a student :)
I'm sure a lot of my students would read this and say 'I wish'! :D

On a kind-of-related-note, I think I'm starting to lose traits of a professor/teacher. Ofcourse, the assumption here is that I had those traits at some point in the past!


pandemonic scribbles.. said...

'Sigh..I wish..'

and its not for the card but for the note saying you've started losing a teacher's traits! Hope you get 'em back! :D

U No Hoo said...

That can only mean that you too think that I'm losing it - the traits I mean!

pandemonic scribbles.. said...

Nope, I think majority of the students (including me) think you've not lost any of the traits. The comment meant that I hope you feel the same soon! :D

sheril said...

i definitely agree with srisha!probably u have sumthing else on ur mind wich is bothering u!getting out of it might give u some relief!but rest assured from majority of the students (including us)u hav certainly not lost any traits of a teacher :-)!

Shruti said...

hie sir,
i definitely agree with sheril some how...but also sure that u hav certainly not lost any traits of a teacher :-)!& sir ur d best Fm teacher & also person for me till the life ends