March 22, 2010

The zing of life

Every time you think life's a cool ride and you know the route, there's a change in plan. With each day passing, the noise around is unending. The scenes change, the characters remain. The plot change, the actors remain. New happenings, different beginnings, several endings, old woes, new joys, an old face taken off, a fresh one added, an enemy here, a friend there, missing someone now, being with someone the next moment, a hope there, sometimes a wish, at times dreaming, most times chasing.

In all this, there has to be an underlying generic theme, isn't it? What is that constant?


sheril said...

but isn't that what life is all about! there are some twists n turns which we like n some others which we don't! which means this uncertainity adds true meaning to the play named "LIFE" and makes it worth living :-) !!

Anonymous said...

The thing that remains constant is : The human belief that tomorrow will be better than today. Thats one answer, assuming that your question isn't rhetorical.

U No Hoo said...

@Sheril: Sure, but the post was not a crib about life being so.

@Anon: The question wasn't rhetorical, yet not entirely convinced about your point :)

Anonymous said...

'The answer to life's toughest questions are revealed in the process of beating around the bush.'

Was simply trying that out. But in vain.

sheril said...

certainly that was not a crib!like anon i too feel that being positive even in uncertain situation is the mantra which has to be constant in life!

anamika said...

u missing sum1 or sumthin in life?

U No Hoo said...

@Anon: No, you are right and I understood what you meant to say - just that, it was not the answer I was looking for in the context of the question.

Same applies to what Sheril mentioned.

@Anamika: Even if I were, this post was not about that something or someone :)

karthik said...

Hello Sir,

I believe the constant factor here is just moving forward in life.

Let what ever adverse scenerio we face, let however big the moment be for us, we never at any point stop moving forward.

When the scene is what we dont want, we move forward hoping to overcome it. Also, if the scene is something like a best case scenerio, even then we move forward looking for something like better than the best.

Shortly, we are trying to chase something and we dont know what that something is.

We never are satisfied with the current scenerio. Every time we are only concerned about the future. In this process we hardly realise that we missing today which is passing on and will never come again.

We forget a basic fact that tomorrow is unpredictable. We spend our today by planning how to spend tomorrow.

If the constant factor is not what I mentioned, please let me know that sir.

who said...


hariharan said...

Pursuit of happiness. A guess!!

pandemonic scribbles.. said...

Noticed one common thing in all the 'noises' you mentioned - Survival - be it in a positive sense or negative. And the underlying moral I read between the lines is 'This Too Shall Pass' - powerful words. What say?