April 10, 2010

The IPL thread - Irritating PL

Two things gets on to my skin a lot when I watch the IPL Television telecast. Firstly, DC playing akin to the Indian national side during late 1990s under Azhar - without a bite and ever looking to be fine with losing. Secondly, the MRF blimp, and references to Lillee and MRF pace foundation and the bowlers who came from there and their grand mothers and the man who fills the big balloon up. It irritates me so much that every time they show the balloon now, I mute my TV set!

Damn irritating.


Anonymous said...

What can I say Sir,


Vanita Bodke said...

ITS "DLF MAXIMUM" ....I was trying to find words to respond . The one above me just helped :)

My Thoughts said...

sir, i don't know about that MRF blimp but all I want to say is that I'm happy that you finally started saying DC irritates! hehehehe :P
sorry but thats true!!

U No Hoo said...

@My Thoughts: Too early buddy. DC are still very much in for my money.