March 3, 2010

Flickering lights

It was a ‘blanket of blank’ as far as I could see,
Came tearing through the darkness, a tiny little refugee.

The tiny tot, small at his might, trembled,
Will I be able to survive the world, he fumbled.

Couple more joined him, to render strength,
Soon there was an array of flickering lights through the length.

The flickering lights…
Give me courage to face the world,
Wisdom to gather every stone hurled.

In togetherness, they lit up marooned streets gazed by yearning eyes,
In creativity, they give a new dimension to horizon-less skies.

In deafening silence, they create musical symphony.
In excess of stillness, they give a ‘reason to be’.

In times of rue, they epitomize victory over despair,
In times of iniquity, they symbolize en era of just and fair.

The flickering lights…
Give me hope for life,
Strength to cope through strife.

We may not be as bright as the big street halogen lights, they say,
But at least we provide twinkle to the eyes that pray.

We may not help you see all obstacles that lay,
But at least, through the falls, we give you strength to rise and walk away.

We may not bring jazzy colors, shapes and patterns to the variety tray,
But at least we bring variety to someone’s life’s monotonous, melancholic play.

The flickering lights…
Give me inspiration to light others’ lives,
Chance to spread optimistic vibes.

An en-route experience by Payal Sinha
(PS is a dear friend of mine, based out of Noida. Feedback & comments on the poem are welcome.)


Kshama said...

Great poem, Sir.
I loved it...

Harish Ravinutala said...

Well written. Simple yet meaningful. There's nothing like the excitement that poetry can bring out in you while reading. I believe, the reward for a good poem can only be another equally (if not more) good poem.

But writing a 710 worded comment for a 260 worded post sounds absurd. So let it be.

U No Hoo said...

Hey HR, why don't you mail across the poem to me?

U No Hoo said...

Thx Kshama. Will pass on the feedback to the poetess.