March 21, 2010

Giving while living!

There was once a very rich man in town who had everything that any one would want. He lived a life of extravagance and had all the worldly pleasures that anyone could ever think of: expensive attire, jewels, delicacies served everyday, innumerable mansions, a fleet of cars and help at his every beck and call.

However, despite his lavish lifestyle, he neither gave a needy person a penny to comfort nor did he say a kind word to soothe a hurting soul. Thus, everyone ended up calling him a miser. This perturbed the rich man and so he decided to do something about it. He informed one of his friends to let the enire village know about his plan to donate his entire wealth to the village after his death. Despite knowing this, however, the villagers spoke behind his back and continued to make fun of him. This further aggrevated his depression. One evening, the same friend came to meet him and sensing his disturbed mood, he narrated to him the story of "The Cow & the Pig".

There was once upon a time a pig who was unhappy that despite all the perceived help and assistance provided by him, he got only rude comments in return whereas his friend - the Cow was loved by one and all. So, one day the pig out of sheer curiosity, the pig asked the cow as to why the world treated her so reverently and the pig so crudely. The pig said, "All you give them is milk, while here I am, who gives them a lot more – I give them my hair to make brushes, I give them my skin, I give them my entire body but still they treat me so badly."

The cow heard all his complaints very patiently and then after taking a few munches replied – "maybe if you try giving something, even a little something while you are alive, you may be treated differently. Think about it!"

Received this as a forward. Source unknown.


Harish Ravinutala said...

I saw this movie last month called 'Inglorious Basterds'. (Dont get excited already sir. There's no way that i will recommend such a brute film to you). In the opening sequence theres a dialogue where the villain (Christopher Waltz got an Oscar for this role)speaks out about how human beings find it right to treat two completely similar animals like a rat and a squirrel, having completely similar physical as well as hygienic attributes, in totally opposing manners. "I'm sure a squirrel is capable of carrying any disease that a rat can carry" he says. Yet we feel like shooting the latter with a gun and the former with a camera.
My comment is not with respect to the miserly old man who is willing to share his earnings only when he will have no use for it because it is as obvious as there being no rain in April that he is wrong. (Maybe I'd speak about him the same way as others had I been living amongst the villagers.)

What i found more interesting in your post was the Pig and Cow story, wherein if you think of it from the point of view of the animals in question, you'll find that neither the Cow which we frequently use to symbolize Good and God, nor the Pig that is looked upon by people as an unholy and ugly creature irrespective of its harmless nature are at fault.

It is us.

U No Hoo said...

Absolutely. I quite agree that it is us. Not sure if you remember one of my previous posts which emphasizes this point. Here is that post FYI: