December 2, 2008

Tracking 'Silence Quotient'

Ladies and gentlemen, I have formulated a new concept known as the Silence Quotient. Applause Applause..

In one of my earlier posts, I had written that silence is golden and I want to feel it. This was a result of a lot of things going inside me, a result of few introspections, a result of analsying the 'noise' around me. I have not taken any deliberate measures to achieve this, yet wanted to see how I have fared. In some way, trying to measure 'passive performance' on this front. To be sure, I wanted a quantified measure of how much I have spoken over the last one year. How could I do it?

Actually, over the last two months, two of my friends and well-wishers who knows me very well happened to mention that I seem to be in a shell. So that is a qualitative assessment of how things have been. But I wanted to measure it.

I looked into my last 12 months' mobile bills to get some sense of how I am faring. And the results are positive! :) Here's the summary of the analysis:

The orange line shows the minutes I have spoken on outgoing calls and the green line, the number of smses I have sent out. The dip in both the lines must either mean I have become a stingy mobile user or I am ACTUALLY talking and interacting less. Right?

Now, I must confess that I am really happy about the findings. I have indeed lost the zest to just talk about nothing-at-all with people. I avoid conversations which is all about rhetorics and general in nature. I can sense that the noise around is lesser. Please do not misunderstand that I am avoiding people or not taking calls. In fact, the above chart does not reflect anything about incoming calls. But that too has come down. I am indeed enroute external silence, by actually talking less!

There is a lot to be done regarding internal silence now. That will happen too, very soon. My Silence Quotient is definitely on the rise and hopefully will become optimum soon.

I must admit that during trainings/lectures, I obviously talk a lot but that's unavoidable. Other than that what I can avoid, I have been trying to.

And finally, talking less does not mean that you are feeling odd or out of the friends' circle or left out or something. My personal observation has been that the two does not have any great correlation. I have been feeling lighter, mentally. (Wish I could say that about my physical self!)

P.S.: If you are wondering how am I getting the time to do all this, where do you think the time saved on talking is going into? :)


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