September 10, 2008

I want to listen to silence

In this exciting world, everything is extremely dynamic. Time, climate, people, situations, relationships, events and so many other things are so variable. I guess that is what makes the entire 'game' exciting at the first place. Take relationships for instance. Think of a person whom you liked the most 10 years back. The person with whom you spent a lot of your time with. Are they still the same today? In my case, the 10 years also is a long period. The people might still be around, but the depth of relationship has diluted significantly. And more importantly, for no 'fault' of either of us (fault in quotes because I do not think it's a fault in any case). Likewise, some relationships has gained a lot of value over the same period. I 'just knew' someone 6 years back. Now, a day does not pass without talking to him.

How interesting! At some points, I was disappointed about the dilution of few relationships. Now, I look back and simply smile at myself thinking how childish I was. But perhaps, I will again feel odd when one of my exisiting 'strong tie' weakens.

I had written a piece a long time back - What's the BIG picture? I have come to understand the same concept so much better today than when I wrote it. I can appreciate the same thoughts in a much better manner. Strange but true.

Relationships are only a case in point. There are so many 'noises' around. I am simply reacting most of the time. Probably every moment that I'm awake, I'm reacting to situations and events around - consciously or sub-consciously.

I want to stop reacting. I want to close my ears from the noise deafening my mind. I want to talk at least 50% less than usual. Every single day. I want to sense the only constancy within and around me, and that's me. Once I feel the constancy in me, I will see and feel the same steadiness in everything around me.

I want to listen to silence...


Veekay said...

Wonderful thoughts. Nd a beautiful write up.

Hmm...talking of change, forget about 6 yrs,10 yrs, 20 yrs.Have seen people change, almost miracuously, overnight.Never understood it till recently,I myself underwent a complete change in my thought-processes about a matter, over a period of three days. As you rightly pointed out, its nobody's fault.People change. period.

Can really identify with ur need to find silence. Wish I get some relief from my restlessness as well..

U No Hoo said...

Thanks Vaidehi.

S Krishna said...

Hi sir,
Very good article. I belong to the same category where you have mentioned about.

chapy said...

Hi sir,
Nice article. If you really want to experience silence you can attend one of the advance courses of art of living, where you have to keep silence for about 3 days ,has lots of meditatn and be completely with urself. The course really brings one closer to oneself.