December 1, 2008

December 3

It's yet another Wednesday, but this time the plan is to counter-threaten the elements who have managed to threaten us in the past. I am sure every one has received either a mail or a sms regarding the coming together for the fight against terrorism on December 3, 6pm at the Gateway of India, easily the most distinct iconic symbol of Mumbai. We have had terror attacks in the past and there have been a handful of people who have come together to light few candles in memory of the killed. However, this kind of a large scale movement is probably the first of its kinds and hopefully will be the start of a new era of civilian movement.

I do not know what will be the impact of the movement, I do not know how many people would turn up, I do not know whether we can individually do anything but I would surely be a part of the crowd to voice my dissent against the way things happen in this city, this country.. my city & country.

Mumbai is already back on its feet and things apparently look normal. But I can be sure that it is not, and things are not going to be normal again for a long time. And that is how it should be. Reactions to an extremely abnormal situation cannot be any longer normal. The country surely is looking for faces among the crowd and leaders among the bunch of ministerial jokers who can lead the way for the nation. Few resignations here, some cabinet shuffles there could all be just useless if not followed through properly.

All these things would turn out to be hollow rhetorics without anything backing it. Will we see that set of actions? What will I be doing for that? When? Many questions that each one of us should be asking ourselves.


mandar.deodhar said...

Something must be done otherwise no one will listen to our voice. Memories will fade out soon and life will go on as usual. Another similar incidence after few years and same thing will start again ... Lets try to break the cycle and this is the time.

I'll try my best to join. Will you be there ?

U No Hoo said...

Yes Mandar, I'm going.