December 3, 2008

Mumbai roars

Let me put this straight. Today might well be the day that marks the beginning of a new Mumbai. Going by what I witnessed at the Gateway of India today, it is apt to say that Mumbai roared like a tiger, though a wounded one at this point in time. A sea of people came to express their feelings relating to the terroris attacks. The could easily be thousands of people, if not even close to a lakh. Well, I have not seen so much people at one place before this. All with one common view: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH AND IT'S TIME FOR A CHANGE (borrowing from the Steve Austin's punchline).

There were all kind of groups. From people who silently expresses gratitude towards the martyrs and killed innocents to animated groups shouting anti-Pakistan slogans. There were many asking for a war to be declared, few wanting peace to emerge soon. People were pissed off with politicians more than terrorists. If I were a politician representing any part of this country and watching all this on television, I would definitely be one concerned guy. People went around pulling down all political hoardings down the streets. Putting up banners and placards with the choicest of taunts and abuses against terror and politicians, the people of Mumbai came out whole-heartedly to voice their concerns.

I am extremely proud that I was a part of the crowd and stood there holding banners and placards with my friends. This was one of the most magnificent moments of my life. I am truly proud to be a Mumbaikar, an Indian among the many thousands who stood with me asking for answers and solutions.

Where does this lead to? I do not know about others. But me and my friends are again going to be there at the Gateway of India on December 17 and December 26 if nothing concrete is done till then by the government. What we expect is, at least:
1. Bringing to books all those localites who helped the terrorists in their notorious acts.
2. Giving a clear ultimatum to Pakistan to come out clean or go all out to destroy terror camps within the Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) if they refuse to co-operate.
3. Clear and transaparent measures to be taken to ramp up security forces across the country as soon as possible.
4. And finally, all politicians kindly shut their mouths and ACT to restore our confidence. We do not want to hear your nonsense. We do not want political catfights on issues relating to our security.

Friends, please be there again on December 17 if you are not convinced of what is being done. We have got the momentum, a great start. Let's keep this going till we reach the end. We cannot leave these politicians by themselves. We have committed a blunder by choosing them to their current posts. Let us erase our mistakes by forcing them to act. They won't otherwise.

Friends, the time to ACT is NOW. Or else we risk yet another 26/11.


mandar.deodhar said...

unfortunately I coudn't attend it because of work in office. But i was following it live on rediff. It was really great thing.

The first effect is here ... just few minutes back Vilasrao Deshmukh stepped down as Maharashtra's CM.

hariharan said...

i am coming on 17th again

joamoo said...

yeah....m there on 17th :D

Aarti said...

me 2....lets bring the change INDIA needs.

Vishal said...

sir, heard that the police planning to stop this rally on 17th....
any truth in it?

U No Hoo said...

I've also heard about this Vishal. Not sure. They cannot block. Must be for security reasons relating to the recent threats and Babri Masjid incident's 'anniversary' tomorrow.

Darshana Deshmukh said...

at the age of 21 today I confess that i still dont have a Voter ID card. I have wasted my Voting power for 3 long years.
I feel guilty for not voting and responsible for the ones ruling us.

trying to get the formalities done soon and vote this time.

We need a change and can do it, rather have to get it done.