December 26, 2008


Saw this much awaited Aamir Khan movie today. Was left disappointed, to put it in short.

For a change, was disappointed even after having no great expectations. I personally did not think that the movie will work. However, I have been proven wrong going by the box office verdict. Well, even Rab ne bana di jodi is a huge hit. That movie is a piece of crap. Ghajini isn't that bad, yet very incomplete.

The crux of the movie is the character's short term memory loss. Actually, he remembers things only for 15 minutes. Isn't it short term memory retention rather than a short term loss? Anyway, the movie started well. I was happy that the director has worked on the details well. The alarm every 15 minutes, post it notes all around Aamir's house, etc. Yet, he missed the big 'detail'. The two phases of Aamir has been done reasonably well - the pre-memory loss and post it. But surprisingly, the transition between the two is completely missing. After being hit and losing memory, how did he remember the reason why he was the way he was! How did he work out on his body and why? Cannot get that angle and without that the movie falls apart completely, to my mind.

Ineffective climax adds to the disappointment. A group of 20 goons expect Aamir to get to them, yet tries to kill him using sticks and rods. Haven't they heard of guns? Oh yes, Aamir is the hero. He can't be kiled. Sorry, short term memory loss for me too.

With 3 hours alloted for the movie, it could have been much much better conceptually. Guess I was supposed to see the movie without my mind in place. Well, then my mistake.

Completely disappointed. Period.


Mandar Deodhar said...

Am not a great movie fan, but do watch recommended movies.

I am very much linked with this movie.

Ghajini was produced by UTV and our company got game and some other content rights. I was part of the Ghajini mobile game team. Some of my team members went to the premiere show, I was little busy hence didn't go.

I think the movie will do well despite of being good or bad. Aamir will definitely drag the crowd. And the movie is definitely better than 'Mela' and 'Mangal Pande' :D

I have bought some UTV shares also hoping that price will increases due to the movie performance.

Lets see for 1-2 weeks .. I'll definitely watch the movie but ... either in theaters for free or on free DVD :D

Nilima said...

i saw d movie & could generate 2 important things d movie wants 2 convey the viewers & they r :
1) Whenever u go 2 meet ur g/f don't leave ur mobile in ur CAR
2) When u r in trouble ur mobile should be on SILENT
:) ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaa.....
this is only story of GHAJINI isn't it