December 6, 2008

Magical words

A rich collector had three items with him: a gold ring, a gold nugget and a gold signet seal. When he was asleep, they argued all the time. The gold ring declared that it was better than the other two because it was made for the finger of a rich bride. The gold nugget said it was better than the other two because miners had risked their lives to find it. The gold signet said it was better than the other two because it had sealed the messages of a king.

They argued day and night, until the ring said, 'Let's ask God. He will decide which of us is the best.' The other two agreed, and so they approached the Almighty. Each made its claim for being superior. God listened carefully, and when they were done, he said 'I can't settle your dispute, I'm sorry'.

The gold signet seal grew angry. 'What do you mean, you can't settle it? You're God.'

'That's the problem', said God. 'I don't see a ring, a nugget and a seal. All I see is gold.'

An excerpt from 'Why is God Laughing?' written by Deepak Chopra.


hariharan said...

wow tht is awesome. Hope human beings can also look at certain things this way

Niveditha Sunderraj said...

Hey, I found you through Claytonia Vices. Nice post! Very pleasant and is a different perspective! :)

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archana said...

Good one. This one wil surely change the way of thinking.....