September 27, 2008

Women may have to go to Venus!

Men are from Mars, women are from venus... say's the title of a book. Me thinks women might have to go to Venus to get married! Why? Read on..

3 of my good female friends are planning to get hitched. All 3 are CAs, working for reputed organisations. This one is about one of them. She has commited a crime of doing a MBA too after CA. Yes, that is a crime as far as the matrimonial market goes. To add to the dual qualifications, she looks fab. Don't be jealous girls, some of them come with all the luck. Now, the parents of the waiting-to-get-married girls are worried. They are not finding any 'suitable' groom. If everything from family background to habits to nature to looks are approved by the waiting-to-be-married girl, the point comes to how well is the guy 'settled'. The groom's parents suddenly have swelled chests and they say he earns a lac of moolahs every month. Oops, that hurts. It is ONLY about 65% of what the girl earns. No actually, 64.32% on a in-hand salary basis. Similar situations surround the other two friends too.

Economic boom has helped all. More so, a CA+MBA. Each year's appraisal makes marriage more improbable for her! Close to 40%-50% hikes with a big booty of bonus. We men have BIG egos. Wife earning more than us, and we knowing about it.. no ways!.. is how many thinks.

Possible solutions? Like for tax purposes, show lower income. Risky, since it has to be hidden for a long long time. The taxman does not sleep on the same bed with you, husband sometimes does. :)

Or perhaps go to the HR and ask them to cut your salary. Ask for a demotion. Underplay yourself. Nay, not acceptable gals, rite?

Or resign and be a good homemaker. What is left in the corporate rat race anyways... Resign, my left foot - I hear from my friends.

Well, then two choices left for you sweetheart. Read this book - 'Why marriage sucks' - and spend the rest of your life. Or, plan for a trip to Venus where you originally came from apparently.


mandar.deodhar said...

Why can't wife earn more than husband ? I understand its unstated rule of the society, but needs to be changed. But after all these rules are created by us only.

I have my CEO and his wife both working as founder and director in company. My immediate boss is VP APAC have his wife earning more then him. Even I don't have any problems if my wife earns more than me.
Anyone interested ? who dare to think option beyond most eligible bachelor :-)

Nikita..... said...

Its a known fact that the ego of the man swells to some 100 exponential figure as soon as he comes to know tht his wife is earning more than him.. in our society the MAN is supposed ( believed) to be the provider / protector.. People(mainly Men) cant accept the fact that the lady is earning more..

And guys who say that it doesnt happen to them are the biggest hypocrites :-) Even if they feel so, they wont admit it..

As for the gals, its a complete catch 22 situation.. At one time she is happy to see her parents proud of her achievements and then sometimes she finds them sad cos of her over-qualification in the matrimonial setup :(

So either we need to find someone who earns more than us, or as HC says, we need to paln a trip to some other planet :-)

priyanka vaidya said...

it is very correct that most of the men have a problem with wife earning more than them coz most of them suffer from ego problems.In some of the cases if the girl is more educated than the boy then they have to give higher dowry dun understand for what.its a complete crap!Even i have heard that the negotiations for the probable bride/groom starts with how much they are ready to spend over the marriage.

dun understand whether these things are going to end somwhere!

hariharan said...

I think the times are changing so much tht men cannot afford to have egos or else they will also have to go back to mars or settle for something which they wud have to accomodate

Amit Karambelkar said...

We men have egos.......? I think this is not the problem of men ego. This is the problem of Customs, Traditions Or attitude of a society as a whole.

May be one individual can accept the situation that he is low salaried than his wife. But people around him wil make him feel that he is inferior.

Have you ever noticed that women are not also ready to accept a guy having lower salary than them.

No question of male ego......

Trishala said...

hahaha :D I can visualize my probable future ;)