October 2, 2008

Mumbai meri jaan

Some times, a lot of expectations can make something a let-down eventually. One of the reviews I got about this movie was that this is a better movie than Taare Zameen Par. Quite obviously, I was expecting a lot.

Even after that, I now believe this movie is awesome. Should definitely have been our entry for Oscar instead of TZP, like Amol Gupte said. Lovely script, excellent direction and subtle yet effective performances from the cast makes this a must-watch.

I have personally known a lot of characters played by Paresh Rawal, Madhavan and Kay Kay Menon. More so like Menon. A movie with substance and soul, it has a conclusion that could not have been better. Simply apt.

Some of the scenes in the movie still hit me when I think of them.

Yet again, sadly this movie is already out of multiplexes. Rock on, which got released around the same time, is still running. When will we mature as audience? When will we undestand that lot of songs and a happy ending is not what a movie is all about?

Kudos to the entire team of Mumbai meri jaan...


Darshana Deshmukh said...


I've heard much about this movie.

But Wednesday is also really nice.
I have seen it and the effort is really commendable

My Thoughts said...

sir u spoke about paresh rawal, madhavan and kay kay menon but u forgot Irrfan khan.... i think he was the real "jaan" of mumbai meri jaan... he was brilliant in that south indian chap's role.... kudos to him as well and equally :)