September 26, 2008

Gifts, any one?

I am not a gift person. I mean I do accept gifts most times am given, but do not give a lot of gifts. But whenever I have, I really really felt like giving. However, two of the most important ones have gone awfully wrong. Both to people I like and respect a lot. In fact, one of them did not even see the gift!

How's that for a track record? Didn't some one say people like to receive gifts? Trying to find that idiot...

1 comment:

Nikita..... said...

one cant build a track record based on limited sampling..

I wud say, pls. get easy on the gift thing. Give it to more ppl ;) [ yeah.. i accept gifts :) ]
and if they dont like it then u need to do something bigtime :-)

all the best HC :-)