September 11, 2008


... about 3,000 people belonging to over 90 nationalities died on this day in 2001.

A lot has changed since then, there have been several more attempts to hurt peace globally. Many have succeeded. The divide in this great race of humanity is clearly visible. What were once probably seen as reasons to be proud of, have become reasons to worry about. Religion is arguably the worst hit. Wealth related instabilities follow closely.

Since the inauspicious day of 2001, the damage done to the credibility of a particular community is extremely disappointing too. A lot has been generalised, unecessarily. A lot of books, movies and videos have been created to try and iron out the differences between the communities. Hope they have the desired impact.

The world is getting smaller, but the proximity increasingly means easier ways of getting struck.

The world is getting smarter and intelligent, yet the intelligence is to destroy not create.

The world has more languages than ever before, yet they are not used to communicate and share more than before but to create ruckus.

The world has more wealth than any time before, yet more are left poorer than wealthier.

A lot of us in this world have no clue as to where we are headed and what should be done with what we have, yet few others among us are spending a fortune to try and understand how all this might have started!

Sitting somewhere up there with a cup of coffee and few Parle-G biscuits, GOD surely must be smiling seeing all this...


hariharan said...

when god created man never he would have thought that man would created god and everyone will try to prove their god superior.

The thing is people follow religion blindly which makes a person stubborn leading to problems

hariharan said...

The world has more wealth than any time before, yet more are left poorer than wealthier.
wow wht an awesome line. so true sir.

mandar.deodhar said...

good one.

Also checkout this :

mandar.deodhar said...

Its Delhi now ... BAD - Banglore, Ahmedabad and Delhi.

Can we really stop it ? I don't think so .. because we are not attacking its real cause. As aamir khan mentioned in TZP, We are just discussing about the symptoms and notthe actual cause may be ..