August 1, 2011

Why Adi thinks bathroom is the coolest place!

why aditya thinks bathroom is the coolest place in our house ? our bathroom has a sliding door. hence adi finds it fascinating tht a door shud slide n beyond it lies a disney land tht he craves for. n the only obstacle betn his wonderland n him is his eccentric mum who thinks its 'dangerous' for him to venture alone in bathroom. evry thing in bathroom fascinates him ie his bath tub, bucket, water tumblers, n last but not the least the toilet seat..... he tries to mount the seat the way u wud mount a horse but alas he cant n their again he blames me for tht...... he' s not sure y he's nt allowed to sit on tht seat since he's 11 months..... tht blue bucket shivers in fear every time adi walks into the bathroom coz it knws nw adi wl simply start hitting it with tumblers till it turns black..... bucket is wondering wht crime has it committed to deserve this beating every single day. then there's adi's bath tub. adi is supoosed to sit inside the tub n bathe but he does exactly the opposite. he sits outside n then pours water on the tub...... yes this is exactly hw he likes to bath n no i cnt question the logic coz then he gives me a look which says i dnt knw hw u cleared ur high school, mum? so i keep mum..... poor me :( adi likes to compare his stuff with his dad n nt me since i own one body shampoo n dad has body shampoo, body cream, body deo, body spray, hand lotion, hair gel, perfume n etc n adi has only body shampoo, body oil, body cream, baby powder, bum cream, hair oil, baby comb, baby clips. he cnt believe he's living like this whereas v r njoing the riches..... he's mkg notes hw to complain to shekhar appa bot me n nt his dad since dad is a sweet heart n m an alleged cleaner who claims to be his mum all the time. coming back to bathroom, evry time he's not allowed to play in bathroom adi pees on bathroom door mat n runs away...... i need to go adi is pushing the bathroom door....... god help the bucket..

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someone u no ;) said...

...all this is no doubt, fun in reading. But being Parent is equally challenging & all job of patience, I guess. Being with kids for lighter moments is enjoyable but then surviving in tough times, when they howl & cry continuously, when you can't control them, when you don't know what's the reason behind it & how to calm them? It is really a hard work then.
Hats off to all Parents! :)