August 18, 2011

The need for change

The Anna Hazare led anti-corruption movement is a desperate call for a need to change the way things work around in our country. While we can keep supporting this and other movements, the underlying fact is that we live in a democracy and a long-term sustainable change can only be effected if we vote more consciously when the elections come by.

I had read the following article some time back. Want to re-post it here. Do read.


someone u no ;) said...

The concept is quite different. Will it be practically possible?
Me wondering...

U No Hoo said...

Which concept is not practically possible?

someone u no ;) said...

Actually it's everyone's own approach, but I think that the one that People should be enlightened about the voting, I think, we have done enough of it & doing as well. But still not all will participate no matter how much importance it have, as well as you prove it to them they will not vote. Even educated don't then there are so many poors to whom Politics, Leaders, Govt. all this just doesn't matter! So they are out of it.
More than this, the second one that the political parties should assign seats based on Public and Area is not practical. In India Religion, Caste, Regions will never get back seat. Likewise they are following that rule I guess, they have Regional or Religious leaders in those areas, they get votes as well.
Like no matter how much educated you are if you are Maharashtrian you will not be able to chose others over MNS while voting, because somewhere people think that good or bad for others it will benefit them. (Have experienced this with office colleagues, classmates, etc.) So Politicians cannot change, they know how to play with the emotions of people. Somewhere they all belong to one category as well. Like when reservation issue comes up, good or bad, wrong or right no one will oppose it, oppositions will be silent. Similar is the case now, somewhere all know that if Lokpal come no matter who rules it will hamper them all, so they all are silent.

Sarah said...

"Coconut Economy" model is short and simple model to understand how democracy works. Good post sir.
I read the book "Mice in Men"(after reading your blog).Thanks for mentioning that book in your blog:)))