August 16, 2011

India on FB!

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Source: Yahoo


someone u no ;) said...

India always need a leader to lead!
And may be we got one as well!
And they are getting the support of general public.
Good part is that they have things well planned.

U No Hoo said...

@someone: It is an aspect about this movement. Anna or IAC members are not going to stand for the elections. How we move on after this protest ends is crucial. The process of channge is a very long one.

someone u no ;) said...

@ U No Hoo: By leader, what I meant was the person who can lead us, the one who can take that initiative about which we always think but do nothing. And not the political leader.
But secondly, Why did you say that IAC will not get into Politics! :(
I did expected & still expect that IAC (if not specifically ANNAJI) would come in Politics, they should infact!
Let's see...