August 19, 2011

Smart answers!

Q- In which battle did Tipu Sultan die? A- His last battle !

Q- How do u stop acid indigestion? A- Stop drinking acid !

Q- Where was the declaration of independence signed? A- At the bottom of the page

Q- What's the main reason for Divorce? A- Marriage!

Q- Ganga flows in which state? A- Liquid state !

Q- When was Mahatma Gandhi born? A- On his birthday !

Q- How will u distribute 8 mangoes amongst 6 people? A- By preparing mango shake


My Own Outlook Of The World..... said...

they are really awesome!!!
sir, you shared some of these in our last lecture! ;)

amu said...

awesome answers sir..

amu said...

Awesome answers sir..

My Thoughts said...

Mallu jokes ( No Offence)

* What is the tax on a Mallu's income called? IngumDax

* Where did the Malayali study? In the ko-liage.

* Why did the Malayali not go to ko-liage today? He is very bissi.

* Why did the Malayali buy an air-ticket? To go to Thuubai, zimbly to meet his ungle in Gelff.

* Why do Malayalis go to the Gelff? To yearn meney.

* What did the Malayali do when the plane caught fire? He zimbly jembd out of the vindow.

* How does a Malayali spell moon? MOON - Yem Who yet another Who and Yen

* What is Malayali management graduate called? Yem Bee Yae.

* What does a Malayali do when he goes to America ? He changes his name from Karunakaran to Kevin Curren.

* What does a Malayali use to commute to office everyday? An Oto

* Where does he pray? In a Temble, Charch and a Maask

* Who is Bruce Lee's best friend ? A Malaya-Lee of coarse.

* Name the only part of the werld, where Malayalis don't werk hard? Kerala.

* Why is industrial productivity so low in Kerala? Because 86% of the shift time is spent on lifting, folding and re-tying the lungi

* Why did Saddam Hussain attack Kuwait? He had a Mallu baby-sitter, who always used to say 'KEEP QUWAIT' 'KEEP QUWAIT'

* What is the Latest Malayali Punch Line? " Frem Tea Shops To Koll Cenders , We Are Yevery Where "

* Why aren't Mals included in hockey and football teams ? Coz Whenever they get a corner , they set up a tea shop.

P.S. Sir Ji, I'm passing this on to you with a risk of getting BROGUN bones .... :D [sorry, just kidding] :P