December 18, 2009


Passion & Attitude are two qualities, I believe, maketh a man. I am almost addicted to talking about both of them in my lectures where I interact with a lot of supremely able minds and hard working students. For me, talent and ability matters less that passion and attitude. This post is not about their relevance.

When I look into my life today, with whatever I have and I don't, one thing that characterizes me these days is the lack of passion for anything. Strange yet true. Nothing, and I mean nothing, really incites me to be enthusiastic about. Events, people, work, matter, pleasure, sports, books. Nothing!

I am not mentioning this in a complaining/unhappy manner. It is just an observation of a strange phase. As much as I feel it's crucial, I am seeing myself without it. Any negatives? Well, just that the emotions are never too extreme in this phase. Never too happy, nor too down. The volatility of mood is lower. Mind is still.

As an aside, had been to a superb concert last night. It was truly blissful to see/listen to some extremely talented musicians performing together - Zakir Hussain, Shankar Mahadevan, Sivamani, U Shrinivas and Selvaganesh.

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vishal said...

Out of it or still in that phase??