December 26, 2009

3 Idiots

I'm off writing movie reviews these days. For a simple reason that no movie has really 'hit' me that hard to sit and write about it. To be fair to other movies I have seen lately (Kurbaan, De Dana Dan, Wake up Sid, APKGK, Rocket Singh, Paa, 2012), 3 Idiots is also not a master-piece to write something about. Yet, I'm expected to write a review I guess, being a pseudo-teacher myself. So here it is.

First things first, it is an entertaining movie in parts. You would not feel bored, though some parts are as dragging as some other parts being entertaining. To my mind, the speech of Chatur was the most entertaining bit and the baby delivery scene was the most boring. Anyways, overall the movie does score brownie points on the entertainment front. Acting and direction is sensible. In any case, the actors in point are not among the inferior ones so one does not expect them to be boring. Aamir, as always, clicks with the audience.

Problem is, my list of what I liked ends with the above paragraph. The most disappointing part of the movie is the theme. Disappointing in a sense that there was nothing new in it. We have seen it before, haven't we? In most parts of the movie, I could not help relate things to Munnabhai MBBS or Taare Zameen Par. Do what your heart believes is right, don't be in the rat race, every person has a special talent, professors help you clear exams but not beyond, etc etc etc is all old gyaan. Another movie on the same lines where the hero does everything right and is demi-God does not work with me. I cannot be tempted by entertainment at the cost of realism. This move is a piece of too much goodie-goodie that I cannot take in. Too much sweet spoils the sweet.

So, as always, we have to keep off our thinking hats while seeing the movie. When I want to see some quick runs being made in cricket, I would prefer watching an Afridi to a Dravid playing big shots. On the other hand, when I want to see some beautiful cricket book shots, I prefer seeing a Dravid in full flow. If you get what I mean to say, for movies too I somehow expect the already set actors in the industry to focus on a movie with some essence rather than a repeat theme done commercially to attract a box office success. I cannot expect a newbie baby like Ranbir Kapoor to experiment with 'thoughtful-but-not-commercial' scripts and plots. He has to get his mark with some 'stupid-but-commercial' movies like APKGK and Rocket Singh. But if even the set actors like Aamir Khan and SRK does pure commercial movies only, the creative bend of the film industry loses its edge and that part of the audience would feel left out. To put it simply, on any given day, I would prefer seeing a Mumbai Meri Jaan over 3 Idiots. Again, if I have to see a pure entertainer, I would rather see an Andaz Apna Apna over 3 Idiots. Effectively, this film is neither here nor there.

Finally, on the message that the movie reiterates - chase your instincts & interests rather than following the crowd. Very true. I am a teacher myself and I have been trying a lot to get that message across of building 'passion' among students. Some take the message, some shrug it off. A lot of students doing CA is a part of the herd. Deep down, they do not like what they are doing. To put it more precisely, they have no clue whatsoever about what they really want to do. The only choice then left is to chase the already set conventional targets rather than creating their own road towards fulfillment. Latter is difficult, for the society would be against it. Yet, what I genuinely feel is that if you have the confidence to see it through, society (including parents) won't have too many issues about it. Point is, does the student have it in him/her to follow his/her instincts successfully?

Let me end it this way. I have interacted with hundreds of students between the ages of 18 and 23 for more than 5 years now and I can hardly think of anyone who has had the confidence to follow his/her own unconventional route to success. It could imply two things: Either all of them enjoyed and relished their curriculum (hardly true, I can sense otherwise in each lecture) or they never attempt to chase their dreams & end up blaming the system for making them marks/grades-chasers. The latter group then go and see a movie like 3 Idiots and thoroughly appreciate the message and love the character of Aamir Khan in it. When back to their normal routines, they opt to forget that they have a CHOICE to be that character themselves. That approach towards life and living, my dear friends, is too simplistic, too 'idiotic' (to end with some bit of movie:))!


pandemonic scribbles.. said...

"Deep down, they do not like what they are doing. To put it more precisely, they have no clue whatsoever about what they really want to do." - Powerful thought.

U No Hoo said...

I admit, a little harsh too..but put that way for impact.

harsh said...

It is wrong notion that education can only be imparted in a class room and mugging up text books and guides. A man learns much more in the outside world. Perhaps what we learn in class rooms will only help us survive and not succeed.

Duniya ka sabse ameer aadmi aur sabsme garib aadmi hamesha anpad hota hai sir.

joamoo said...

just an adult version of TZP....old wine in old polished bottle....duniya kuch jyada gol hai...

Ankit the Writer said...

Your Review is very harsh.I have seen it and it is highly entertaining.Though i agree there is nothing new in movie,theme is also repeating one but still very entertaining one.This year bollywood has seen many flop and boring movies.I think 3 idiots will end 2009 with high note.
Enjoy!Merry christmas


hero was truly a demi-god.wat about sharmans character? dat character was very important i think.

who said...

I agree with the two kinds of students that u have mentioned.
But do you think only & only students are responsible for not selecting & chasing their dreams???

subramaniam said...

Hi Sir,
After watching the movie i was really excited and i was till the time i read u r blog, though i believe the movie is commercially hit & i enjoyed it a lot, the excitement moderated a bit though after reading u r blog, but the fundamental question still hunts me, "What are we teaching, how are we teaching, is the student able to grab the things" the same questions aamir khan has tried to raise. I as a student byhearted most of my syllabus in my school & college life & didnt had any goal, & no teachers guided me, how to look up in life. We studied like the most say 'Bhed Bakri oo ki tarah', like in the movie aamir says kapde pehn ke baith jaao kisko patta chalega, hamare desh mein joo itni aabadi hai. No one really cares for the students really. Now you may think that, this is why i like the movie, but its not the case during my post graduation i was not like this, couple of professors were really nice, & I liked the way they taught us. Trust me only handful of professor are good, and now wherever iam only b'coz of them, others i dont want to comment, And sir when u say "Deep down, they do not like what they are doing. To put it more precisely, they have no clue whatsoever about what they really want to do." U R ABSOLUTELY RITE, most of my friends dont know what to do, i think they lacked proper guidance, & i dont blame it entirely on teacher but similar to movie i echo it on the system. My final question boils down to "Does our education system justifying our futures?"

Someone, u no ;) said...

Haven't seen the movie, chances are less...
But what made me comment here is the later part i.e. on the students. I know you for more than a year having attended almost all lectures of yours, heard your views on different issues which you happen to share with us relating to our profession, the rat race thingie and each time I had same doubt in my mind which I have now after reading this post, as to what exactly you mean by persuing dream/interest/instinct? Things we are doing are opted by us, we chose this profession, it was our decision to do it, one day we'll be what we want to...
...then how can this be not a fulfillment of a dream.
Why you feel that people aren't happy with what they do?
Why we are clueless?
What's the unconventional target?
Which is the road towards fulfillment?
Why people working at corporate just running the rat race?
...hope to recieve an answer which make me understand all these terminologies...
Thank You! :)

U No Hoo said...

Thanks all for stopping by.

@Ankit: True, the movie was entertaining. Totally agree. My review was on a different aspect though.

@Aussiepro: Yep, Sharman's character was indeed very important.

@who: Students may not be solely responsible, but I feel they are largely responsible once into college/higher studies stage.

@Subramaniam: Interesting comment. Your last point has made me think. Will post on it soon, hopefully.

@Someone: Pursuing dream means to do something that makes you truly happy and not just materially. If doing CA makes you feel so, that's amazing and I am glad that you are doing what makes you the happiest. If someone cherishes the corporate life, nothing like it. Bottom line: Do things that makes you feel good and happy. My personal judgement still remains that most of us (includes me too) are not sure of what they want to do with life and most people working in the corporate world are not the happiest you will find around.

Ankit the Writer said...

There are 2 big things I don’t like about our education system
1. Reservation quota- I believe who deserves should get the seat. Whether it is school, college or parliament
2. System don’t help us to decide early- During my school days(9th or 10th standard) I knew only 3 big courses which people love or respect to do CA, doctor or engineer. I knew I can’t be in science field so only option left me was commerce or CA. I don’t even consider Arts. In my mind Arts was for students who got 40-45% marks in S.S.C and no way good for future earnings. Now after giving final CA attempt or CFA exam and seeing more worlds. I have realized that I don’t like commerce field at all. In short If during school days lets say from 5th standard or 8th standard, if our system gives us more idea of arts, commerce or science field. It might help us to take right decision. Let’s give school students (7th or 8th std.) subject like BK, equity market and little advance when they come to 10th standard. It will help them to decide after clearing S.S.C, whether or not to go in commerce. As per arts stream is considered, encourage students to do what they like to do. I use to play chess but I was never encouraged to see beyond chess as a hobby. I realize know that I want to be author or fiction novel writer and chess player. But I was never encouraged to improve my English or understand benefits of English. I always took English as burden subject .Of course it’s also parent’s job to look at children interest or hobby. But I don’t blame them. They themselves lack proper understanding of children hobby .Right now; I am in very bad position. Being financial crisis at home, I know I will be force to continue my CA or CFA and in my deep heart I hate CA and finance field. Know question remains whether I should be good son or chase my very dreams which I accept is very hard to achieve. I want to be writer (story writer) and chess player. I believe there are thousands of cases like me. To become good son or selfishly chase your dreams is very hard option to select and if later option is selected then there will be no going back. Any suggestion will be highly appreciated

Chitra said...

Dear Sir,
First: Please be a little less practical, otherwise, everything in life will seem like a repitition.
Second: You've said "In most parts of the movie, I could not help relate things to Munnabhai MBBS or Taare Zameen Par. Do what your heart believes is right, don't be in the rat race, every person has a special talent, professors help you clear exams but not beyond, etc etc etc is all old gyaan."! Sir, "Ghosts of kicks do not understand Words!" Also, people have short memories.
Third: Demi-God status of heroes is a universal phenomenon. How & Why would someone give a Demi-God status to a Villian. Life is full of Badie-Badie things so, some goodie-goodie things in movies is such a relief!
Last two paras were good.

U No Hoo said...

@ Chitra: Found your first point hilarious. So yeah, lets be less practical. Let us not study and fail the damn exams otherwise we will have repetition of clearing exams. Want to do it?

Lets not go to work everyday to cut the repetition. Big deal if the job's lost, at least we would have tried something new.

Guys, try not to be practical someday and you can be the Wankdu you so much liked in the movie. Problem is we are always thinking on practical lines. Hence found the opening line worth commenting on, of that of an advice to me to be less practical! :)