June 10, 2008

Whatchoo talkin' 'bout?

The topic of discussion in We the People in NDTV this Sunday was blogging. The why's and what's of blogging were being discussed in an attempt to find out why people blog and whether their views should be censored/regulated. That made me thinking as to why I blog. In fact, I was asked this question by few of my friends when I started blogging.

There are few reasons why I blog. Firstly, I love writing. As I had mentioned in my first piece in this blog, I had started to miss writing, something that I stopped after leaving school. Secondly, I see this page as my journal, a place where I want to write key events/incidents/thoughts/views so that after many many many years, I can read what I used to think many many many years back. Our views and perspectives change over a period of time and I want to leave a trail of mine.

Then why not just write it in a personal space? Simple, I want people to know what I think! Why? Just like that. No? Perhaps I could create a fan base and utilize them in the future when I enter politics or write a book. Uh? Okay, I want to be popular, or rather more popular! :)

So my blog talks about what I want to convey to the world, the way I want to convey it. I love to write about events that touch me; movies, books that inspire me; people & personalities whom I consider special; thoughts that I want to spread among the readers.

On an unrelated note, loved this line which I read in the signature line of a friend's mail:
Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see.
-Arthur Schopenhauer

The title of this piece is the famous one-liner of Arnold Jackson, in the popular US sitcom Diff'rent Strokes during the late 70's/early 80's.


Nikita..... said...

Thank you for taking up writing once again... :)
You write very well ...and it wouldnt be fair to keep your readers away from such good work..
So keep writing...eh...blogging :)

U No Hoo said...

Thanks! But I never stopped blogging at the first place!!

Madhurima said...

Thanks Sir, for returning back on the same track. You really write well and deserve appreciation for that. Don't stop writing ever. So please continue blogging.

aarti said...

YES SIR keep Writing
may b in near Future we cud read "BOOKS BY HARISH MENON"..Sincerely Sir wud love u to write books...IT WILL BE WORTH READING.
neways Sir kEEP Blogging