June 25, 2008

An evening to remember!

For the first time in my life, I happened to experience a live concert. That of Hariharan's exclusive ghazals. I have been a huge fan of Jagjit Singh for years now. A day is incomplete without hearing him. I have a decent collection of such ghazals.

But Hariharan is a class again. Superb voice, extremely talented, brilliant stage presence. The concert was a stunning one. I was mesmerized. He must have delivered about 12 odd ghazals.. and how!

We got to buy the passes after the main auditorium was filled. So we were issued something called stage passes. We were seated on a carpet on the floor in the stage with the performer. About 10 feets away from the performers. It was amazing. Being able to see their expressions so well, hearing their whispers to each other, the subtle waah-waahs coming out instinctively from the musicians.. wow. It was bliss.. jannat. The musicians - Shaadab (tabla), Dhiren Raichura (guitar), Liyakat Ali Khan (sarangi) and Akhlakh Hussain (harmonium) - were brilliant. The tabla-wadak was out of this world. Others were stunning too. Gifted. Too good.

In between, for about 10-15 minutes during the two and a half hours concert, Hariharan seemed 'possessed'. He came out with such amazing variations. Can't express in words how brilliant they were. Must hear it to believe it. Was in a trance.

I was thrilled to see the gathering for the evening. A decent crowd, acknowledged by the maestro himself.

To put the overall experience in few words, I really felt that my life was being refreshed, literally. I am sure you would played many computer games where the character gets some options to revive his life by gulping down some bottles of medicines that he finds at various places in the adventurous maze. As if I could now start a NEW, FRESH life from that moment onwards. It was unbelievable. Really splendid.

If you want to know what an excellent live ghazal concert is all about, listen to Jagjit Singh's Parwaaz. This one was not at par, but nevertheless nothing substantially lesser.


Veekay said...

Ah, u touched my heartstrings here...I have always been a big fan of Hariharan...haven't hrd his Tamil songs much, but his renditions for A.R. Rehman 'Ae hairathey Aashiqui' & 'Chanda re' show the true class of that man. Really mesmerising voice.

As for Parwaaz, absolutely wonderful wonderful concert. The live versions of 'Hoshwaalon ko','Tumko Deka to' & 'Hothon Se Choo lo tum' are, if I can say so, even better than the originals...

Gr8 u could enjoy a superb concert. Again I say "Lucky You!":):)

U No Hoo said...

And let me thank again :)

Nilima said...

Even i love ghazals & have my own set of songs of all the ghazal singers like Pankaj Udhasji's, Jagjit Singhji's,Hariharanji's. I m huge fan of Jagjitji's ghazals.
Mostly when its sunday evening I play the ghazals its really a divine environment, calmly listening to those favourite ones and as u said refreshing yourself for the next working week. They r so very meaningful than now a days hindi movie songs.
Just love GHAZALS