May 15, 2009

Searching.. or rather waiting..

.. for the right stance like a batsman does waiting for the next delivery. I am shaking a lot, moving around a lot and not being still. I am not focussing on the next delivery, thinking of the target to achieve. When the smaller things are not taken care of, the bigger goal can be achieved only miraculously.

For me the right stance is a matter of time and not efforts. It is counter-intuitive but that is how it is. May be because I do not assign a lot of blame on myself for lazing around. So I do not try to shake around my routine or the things I am doing and not doing. May be I lose precious time in the process. But big deal! Is it not my life?

To the stakeholders in my life, I wish I could explain to them that this stillness is not permanent. In fact, the stillness is only on the outside. Stillness is not stagnation. Wish the people in rat-races realize this too to take a step back and search for the right stance! In life, as in cricket these days after the T20 avatar, a boundary is what only matters and not the way it is scored. Yet, the satisfaction of seeing an elegant cover drive is different from a top edge going to a boundary while playing a rash, desperate shot. Same way, scoring we all are. But how? Does the manner not matter? If it does, a back-foot straight drive cannot be produced without an extremely serene and balanced stance. Stance, my friends, is the key.

As I search a little (searching is by putting efforts) and wait a lot for my stance, some lyrics are lingering in my mind (from the movie Guru):

Jaage hain der tak
hamen kuch der sone do
thodi se raat aur hai
subah to hone do

aadhe adhure khwaab jo
pure na ho sake
ek baar phir se neend mein
woh khwaab bone do



Veekay said...

Love those lyrics too :)..Good post

Someone, u no ;) said...

I think the process does matter infact it matters a lot, because only then we will be satisfied from our work if everything would be performed in a perfect manner without any regret that I would have done it in a better manner. So I think it's good to give time to small things as you said that bigger goals can be achieved only if smaller objectives are achieved effectively.
Liked the cricket link with the satisfaction, and the song as well thatone was really good :)
I hope you achieve those goals. :)