May 6, 2009

10 reasons why South Mumbai didn't vote

From a forward I received from a friend..

- Clashed with Salsa class
- Election whites not drycleaned
- No candidate a hottie
- Tony Jethmalani contesting from suburbs. Sigh
- No valet parking at booth
- Spotted servant in queue ahead of us
- Driver not come
- Elections over dude, Obama won!
- No party tackling real issues, eg, reduce Goly Gym rates.
- No home delivery!

Ofcourse, these reasons are South Mumbai specific (with a shade of humor). One common reason across Mumbai seemed the same though - We do not care a damn about what happens around us.


Anonymous said...

That was an awful thing to happen though. Some people just don't care, only when their houses and families get blown up in some terrorist attack they come onto the streets and blame the government like nobody's business

hariharan said...

do u see it changing?I mean how is it going to change.Given this constraint we need to think of doing something.I dont know how

nice_n_funny said...

"Actually...Election Commission is at fault...they didn't allow..... Ramu Kaka to do the voting for us u c... how mean na..."

pandemonic scribbles... said...

'We do not care a damn about what happens around us' - made me stop and think..sounds harsh but very true..good post!