May 25, 2009

Deccan has charged.. over to India now

After a disappointing campaign last year, Deccan Chargers have rightly demonstrated that their league standing of number 8 last year was an abberation rather than a reflection of the team's potential. This time, Adam 'Gilly' Gilchrist has led a good team to a good victory. All credit to Bangalore Challengers for making the final a great event. In retrospect, losing the toss and being put into bat was first was a blessing in disguise. The pressure while chasing even a par score could lead to choking, as did occur. The Chargers had already messed up a couple of chases during the league stages. It was a great game of cricket and at the end of the day, the game surely won. The only thing I regret is the verbal assault that Symonds was resorting to on the opponents, especially the young Manish Pandey. It was unwanted and I am not very sure whether Gilly would be happy of his team mate for that. Cricket must be played with a strong mind and not a sharp tongue. I have always disliked many Australian cricketers for sledging and Symmo surely is one of them.

Overall, happy that the team won. In a way, I am glad Gilly did not contribute with the bat last night. It required the combined efforts of Gibbs, Symonds, Rohit Sharma, R P Singh, Ojha and Harmeet Singh to win the match for the team. It leaves the critics without a point to attack that it was Gilly winning the series and not the Chargers. As a closing note, it was evident that the calmer heads on the field won the game. A look at RP Singh and Harmeet Singh carrying on with their overs with smiles and a sense of calm was re-assuring, for they are the future of Indian cricket.

Now, the focus must shift to the T20 world cup. A different series, surely more challenging and important. Over to MSD to try and repeat the performance of the last edition. After all, we are the defending world champions! The expectations are higher and so is the belief on the team for their potential to defend the world cup. India is going with a highly talented/able team. The probable playing XI might look like this:

1. Sehwag
2. Gambhir
3. Rohit Sharma (Raina as an option)
4. Yuvraj Singh (again, Raina as an option)
5. MS Dhoni
6. Yusuf Pathan (could sit out if Raina, Rohit and Yuvraj plays)
7. Irfan Pathan (could justify a place over Praveen Kumar for his batting prowess)
8. Harbhajan Singh (left-arm Ojha in the bench could be a good motivation for the offie)
9. Zaheer Khan
10. RP Singh
11. Ishant Sharma

There are a lot of options with both ball and bat for MSD. The team surely has it in them to go all the way. I guess the roadblock for the talented players could be themselves. The forms of Sehwag, Gambhir, Yuvraj, MSD and Yusuf Pathan looks uneven. At least three of them should hit their purple patch to get the job done. Also, by having 4 bowlers only in the team, MSD could go with 7 batsmen since Sehwag, Raina, Yuvraj, Rohit Sharma and Yusuf can all bowl.

With 12 teams in the tournament divided into 4 groups for the first phase of the tournament starting on June 5 in England, India is placed in Group A with Bangladesh and Ireland. This is the easiest group India could have wished for. Other groups are: B - England, Pakistan & Holland; C - Australia, Sri Lanka & West Indies (the toughest draw); D - South Africa, New Zealand & Scotland.

So now, awaiting the next euphoria sarting next month. Let the play begin!


Shishir said...

all congrats to chargers...but on the whole it just becoz RCB choked, so the chargers won. Otherwise it was all RCB in the match right from Anil Kumble's 1st over. Dravid and Taylors' wickets were the turning points... more importantly dravid's.....Robin Uthappa was of no use. Sreevats Goswami could hav done well.
Moving onto T20 World Cup.....India has team with which it can go ALL GUNS BLAZING!!! Only 1 spot is of a bit tentative nature, that is of Rohit and Raina. Tough to choose 1 from them. Praveen shouldnt play,atleast not in opening rounds. Otherwise, the stage is set for INDIA for another WORLD CUP WIN. I juss hope all goes well with TEAM INDIA.........
There is 1 thing that is different from the previous World Cup as it goes for India n that is The EXPECTATIONS of BILLION PEOPLE. I hope they rise above the expectations....

Someone, u no ;) said...


The views on this blog could be awfully disturbing,irksome and said...

India got a real chance of sealing another WC win....It's not Deccan won but Bevdas lost ...