November 16, 2008

Traveling... and a new start...

Traveling a lot these days.. something that I love. Had gone to Hyderabad. Off to Delhi tomorrow followed by Bengaluru.

I am loving my new professional avatar a lot. Getting a lot of space for myself. What I am doing of it is a totally different matter to blog on though.. I am not stressed, over-worked or busy. I like that part especially.

After many months of working on ideas and thoughts, I am 'doing' something finally this week. The first Mumbai meeting of the Adoption community is happening on Novemeber 22. We will be meeting to discuss the way ahead and I am hoping that a lot of great things will start to roll from there. I sincerely hope so.

On a random note.. top 5 activities I am involved in these days: Teaching/training, sleeping, eating, whiling way time (ya, has become an activity in itself) and thinking. Happily unemployed, I guess! :)


Nikita..... said...

hey i really wish all of us could be (un)employed the way you are :)enjoy your space and fun days..

good luck with the adoption meet and keep us posted :)

and yea...welcome back from the wondering mode ;)

mandar.deodhar said...

traveling is fun .. i also do it once a month approx. waking up early morning to catch 8 o'clock plane and back at 12:30~1 night. And normal office on previous and next day. but i enjoy it. I have developed lots of interesting hobbies because of that - One of them is finding power plug for my laptop .. n let me tell you .. its real fun.
A small gyaan for power hungry people like me : in case of very very urgency, there are two chargers available in plane washroom. but they are of american style, hence you can use them using a converter :-D

regarding adoption / charity stuff you mentioned : I have just started working for CRY. We are mainly concentrating on rehab options for rescued children. is there anything which we can work out together ?

lastly, 'being free' is always good option. Like being in Zion (Matrix Movie Concepts). But I like to be the Agent Smith .. who wants to be free from the system by taking complete control of the system.

shilpa said...

All the best for everything u r planning to do in coming day.....keep us posted

Vishal said...

welcome back to the blogging ways sir...........hope u continue njoying life .........ciao!!!!!!

joamoo said...

well..the effect is visible :D

U No Hoo said...

Thanks all..

ACP - ya ya.. I am going to add something to the title of my blog.. Dedicated exclusively to ACP!