November 13, 2008

Me wondering...

... why am I not blogging these days!


mandar.deodhar said...

Probably I can make few guesses if you help me with the following data: Hope you don't find it boring ....

1. Is this a question or ....
2. What you enjoy more - problems or solutions ? What you like to share - discuss with others ?
3. Why you blog ? You are happy just when you just post something or when you get response to it. And what kind of responses you like - general goodie goodie ones, supporting posts or critics with logical explanations.
4. Do you read other blogs ? How many approximately per week ? Is there any slowdown in that as well ?
4. What is you sun sign / moon sign ?

Surprisingly .. my blogging rate has increased 3X in last two weeks. I am posting almost 3 posts per week. I suddenly feel i have too many more things to do .. lots of plans in mind to do and to share.

shilpa said...

May be u r looking for something else.............naaaa????????

U No Hoo said...

Shilpa - not sure whether I am looking for anything. I doubt that.

Mandar - answers to your questions!
1. It was not a question. Was more of a thought.
2. I do not like discussing anything much with people randomly.
3. I read few blogs when they are updated. I follow some 12 odd blogs. No change in reading them since I get the updates anyways through Google Reader.
4. My sun sign in Aquarius.

Over to you now.. :)

Nikita..... said...

theres nothing to wonder about this !! i know for sure why you arnt blogging these days :)

for more on this, ping me when you see me online :P

take care, and yea --: " clap clap ;)... u shld know why "

joamoo said...

Because i am not giving any comments for a while :D