November 27, 2008

Need peace desperately

Yet another terror attack! This time, more direct.. more severe. I still cannot believe insane terrorists roaming around on the streets firing randomly at people around. Shocking. Some of the footage I am seeing on television are really scary.

This particular terror incident is particularly shocking for me. During the past ones, I have always been at home hearing and seeing things on TV. This time, I was at the domestic airport about 20 minutes after the taxi blast at Vile Parle. I was on my way back from Bangalore. It was chaos all across. People confused amidst rumors of 8 blasts. Police trying to shoo away crowd. I was frantically searching for a call-cab to try and make it to home. I did find a Meru cab for the journey. I cannot forget the scenes on the road for the rest of my life. My cab and luggage was checked by police at three points - Sion, Mulund and Ulhasnagar, during the entire journey. Each time, police asked the cabbie to clear off the road as early as possible. Auto drivers and cabbies would randomly stop us and advice us not to take the road ahead. Rumors of curfew being in place all across Mumbai was arift. My cabbie was particularly afraid for a simple reason. He was a Muslim. His apprehensions were very evident. Lots and lots of police, lot of citizens volunteering to clear traffic and assisting the cops, fairly deserted streets, traffic blocks all remain clear in my mind.

I left the airport at 11.50pm. Reached home at 1.20am. My cabbie got atleast 10 calls all asking about his well-being and asking him to reach home safely. Like hime, a lot of cops and people looking after the panic-struck city at the wee hours of the night. Few policemen killed in the encounters including 3 top officials. As I sit safely at home, I salute the people who guard the city against such horrible acts of terror.

The talk about the spirit of Mumbai will be back. Media will highlight the fact that people are back to work even today. Point is, we do not have a choice. With a city as crowded and populated as Mumbai, imagining that few random people can threaten the security is not very improbable. It is not a very difficult task. Terrorists hijacking police van to shoot at people on streets, checking in to star hotels with ammunition, a handful of irrational people paralysing an entire city... where are we headed? They can strike at will, and the thought is scary enough.

I do not have any solutions to offer, just humble prayers for the families of the killed.

Hoping for a peaceful world...


hariharan said...

Its really difficult to find any solution atleast for me.
Good to hear tht u r safe.
Salutations to the martyrs and prayers for the innocent people who got killed in the terror attack

mandar.deodhar said...

While returning from office today, I was listening Mukesh's song from Teesari Kasam. Just wrote few lines on similar tune. Putting them here ...

दुनिया बनाने वाले क्या तेरे मन मे समाई, काहे को दुनिया बनाई
तूने काहे को दुनिया बनाई

माटी के पुतले मे मन को बनाया
मन को बनाके तूने हसना सिखाया
हसना सिखाया, रोना सिखाया
किसीकी हसी पे मर मिटना सिखाया
दूसरे को रुलाके हसने की क्यों रीत दिखाई
तूने काहे को दुनिया बनाई ...

तूने जो रखे तेरे अलग अलग चेहरे
मंदिर, मस्जिद और गुरुद्वारे सुनहरे
एक ही माटी से तूने मज़हब बनाये
मज़हब बनाके तूने दंगे लडाये
गुपचुप तमाशा देखे वाह रे तेरी खुदाई
तूने .. काहे को दुनिया बनाई ...

If Bruce Almighty is reading this post, he'll find some solution. Now a days 'यदा यदा ही धर्मस्य, ग्लानी: भवती भारत ...' has been replaced by 'पाप से धरती फटी फटी फटी, अधर्म से आसमान ..' . So hopefully he'll understand my new ishtyle request.

avani said...


am glad u made it home safe..
Can only think of one thing while reading thru ur blog.."Is god really smiling now? "...
Should one even hope ny further?
I hv been trying to follow whtever news I can..and saw an interview of Rahul Bose..which really made me feel sad at the state of our country..he very clearly stated that.."ppl in mumbai have no expectatoins.." if this is how one feels in a country which claims to be united in so much diversity..then aren't we just fooling ourselves??
We are making great progress in the all fields(Chandrayaan etc etc)..but at the cost of the integrity of the ppl..
If we cannot provide basic security to our own country men..why blow the trump of democracy..unity..diversity and all tht crap..everytime we just fail to prove to the world...we tell the world that you know what..we can assure u a safe landing to the moon..but not safe passage into our country.
A country so beautiful and rich in culture and history..instead of preserving the history and advancing ahead..we are adding more history to it..just not to glorify is such a shame..
My heart goes out to all the innocent lives lost in this battle of utter shame..
Wish our country men really learn something from this.