April 25, 2008

Sex education...! Hay ram.. tauba tauba

This seems to be the reaction to the long proposed inclusion of sex education in standard 9th and 10th school syllabus. Now, the interesting point here is that the reaction comes from politicians, people who want to create ruckus for most of the things. The parents, on the other hand, apparently want that to be included at the earliest – going by a newspaper poll.

The point of protest is that sex education will spoil the minds of youngsters! Whoa... hear that. I have not heard of a more lame excuse than that. It is like saying, knowing what a world war was all about would encourage students to try and do a war. Or, that knowing about Niagara falls would make all students to go there and see it for live. Whom are we trying to fool? It is surprising that most of us learn about the birds and the bees from some not-so-reliable sources like movies, books, friends who could be novices themselves or these days from the internet. Being aware of anything, including something like sex, can only make youngsters more matured and responsible rather than assuming that they will be spoilt! This in a country where population growth is the highest, where sex is the most favorite activity among the poorer section to relieve their daily life stress, where sex is sold at every nook and corner… Hypocrisy at its peak! Incidentally, few youngsters I know have told me at different occasions that they come to know of these things when they are in school and often what they hear and know are things all over the place with nothing really from a genuine adult who understands these things. So if these things are all around us anyways at our school days, why not formalize it so that what youngsters know are not some rubbish and ridiculous concepts.

Two things should be introduced at the earliest among youngsters - sex education and learning about one’s spiritual self – the purpose of our being on this earth as a human being.


Hmmm...soooo... said...

yep....its da neeed of da day..wid more n more teenagers getting involved in sex..sex education is a must these days...firstly they get to learn from school teachings...where da info can be true...or else through friends n other...which sumtimes can not be up to the mark...infact preventive measures n contraceptive pills hav become joke of da day in colleges..misconceptions can be ruled out through sex education..

Veekay said...

Completely agree with ur last para..good one!!

Avani said...

I love ur analogy abt the world war:))
I agree..its abt time ppl in india accept this as part of being something very normal. Whats the big deal abt it?
why not educate children and make them feel comfortable with the subject matter, after all, we come from the land of the KS..why taboo and shyness abt this?

Hariharan said...

wonderful point on World War.Any rational person wud like to include it in curriculum and its not a surprise tht politicians r opposing it.Also the thing is if u say something different from wht normalcy u get more popularity.So i am also not surprised by some"spiritual gurus" also opposing it