April 17, 2008

Happily unemployed!

Yes, that is what I am these days. Enjoying most of the moments, can't say all. Sans few phases of 'what-am-I-doing-sitting-at-home' syndromes from parents and within, things are very exciting. I need to constantly plan and work for the next source of revenues and that is extremely exciting, must say. The pipeline is looking decent and hopefully I might not need to knock on the corporate doors again for a 9-to-5 job (what a clichéd term this has become). By the way, you are reading the blog of the Executive Director of H-Zone Capital Management Services - my independent outfit :). The world around us is more helpful and co-operative than I ever imagined.

Life takes interesting twists when you least expect it to. April 14th was our New Year and life has become a tinge more wonderful for me since that day.

The much hyped IPL's DLF cup will start from today. And so is the Oly flame reaching Delhi. Along with these two issues, inflation would make up the top three hot topics in this country today.

Among other things, I am particularly curious to see how Harsha Bhogle fares as the consultant to Mumbai Indians in the IPL league. I am a great admirer of this man for his enthusiasm, energy and passion for what he does. Not withstanding all the unpredictability associated with a Twenty20 match, teams from Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai look comfortably placed to be in the final four of the tournament. Let's see how good an observer I am of the game.

Some people in this world seem to get more matured as each day passes. I am extremely privileged and fortunate to have 3 of them in my life today. They do make life look extremely simple. GOD bless them.

Take care friends and keep smiling :)


the heart speaks said...

LIFE GOES DA WAY U WANT IT TO...i thnk its good chase ur dreams rather than working for others...being independent is a good option...n i as a student appreciate it..even i would lov to do soo da moment i complete ma studies n become financially independent...it is much better than a 9am-5pm job...much much better...

U No Hoo said...

hmm.. who is this please?