April 24, 2008

Phew.. these marriage receptions

Let me put this straight - I hate social functions and the crowd that they come with. I cannot make myself sit in a visibly happy and pleasant mode for hours when deep down I want to run away to a lonely place. Still, there are few receptions that I cannot avoid going to, since I am still supposed to be the social animal and share somebody's moment of joy.. momentary joy!

It all starts with a couple getting married. Now, that is another aspect that is close to my heart, in a sense that I have extremely radical thoughts on that concept of marriage. More on that later. So ya, after marriage the couple and their think-tank (read family) want to officially invite those whom they could not for the original marriage function. So they host a reception. So when they are home to invite someone, they are all humble-courteous types.. jaroor aana, please grace the occasion, koi bahana nahi chalega, aap shaadi par bhi nahi aaye, we will wait for you that day.. all these rhetorics. And when the D-day arrives, suddenly all the promises are forgotten! The couples turn to politicians.. They take pride in arriving easily an hour or two after guests arrive the venue. And they do that without a tinge of guilt.. as if that is the way it is supposed to go. These days, it is fashionable to have lunch/dinner first, have the dessert, then meet and wish the couple and then again have dessert [that is what I love to do ;)]. For going to the stage to meet the couple, one has to wait in a queue.. quite a long one in most cases. Then go up there and get a photograph taken (the official record of your presence is registered). Then meet people and gossip around. Then go back home and crib about how pathetic the food was, how the dress of the bride was looking odd, how much jewellery was on display, how the air conditioning in the hall was not optimum, blah blah blah...

I find this so disgusting. Ain't guests supposed to have been invited? What for? To be shown how important the couple is! Now I wonder, the couple's parents' might have this wicked look when they come to invite us for reception.. sort of telling us, ab hum dikhate hai tum logon ko.. :)

Ok, now how about working this entire concept this way! The couple and their think-tank reach the venue first. They wait at the entrance for the guests to arrive. They greet them as the guests go in. No no.. no gifts and photographs at this stage. Will get cramped up. There will be a separate box kept inside where you can drop the gifts/presentation covers, etc. There will be a separate photograph section where a live-sized photo of the couple would be kept. You stand around the snap and get your customized snap clicked. Lunch/dinner arrangements can continue the way they are now. This will exemplify the real treatment to be given to guests, right?

I know I know.. you're saying let's see whether I adapt this in my reception. Well two things, A - I may not have a reception and B - I may choose not to invite you! ;)



Diviya said...

The reception is not half as bad as the wedding itself. And being a guest is no way near to being as bad as being part of the couple who are actually getting married. Politicians they ain't, miserable wretches, they are!

U No Hoo said...

lol.. no comments since it's not fair on someone who has been the victim ;) How can one manage to smile for so long for, I always wonder..

Veekay said...

I agree wth ur article...& completely sympathise wth ur plight!A wedding nowadays is all about ostentious display of 'who is what?'As I said earlier too, kuch aur bike aur bike, India mein shaadi jaroor bikta hai :)

But I also sympathise wth the poor 'bali ka bakras', the couple on display! Recently I attended a wedding reception, where the poor bride was made to stand in the whole reception wearing dress & jewellery weighing more than twice her own weight!And really looking verry uncomfortable...

Always believed in simple weddings.I have tried sharing this concept wth my Mom..just got branded as antisocial for my efforts..:):)

Amu said...

hee hee......good one...I especially liked the last line "A - I may not have a reception and B - I may choose not to invite you!"

That was good

-- Amrita

Hariharan said...

its good to read.Also the thing is even if somebody doesnt come do the Couples/families enjoy less.
As I always think something which is happening for years together need not be right and this is just an example.
The way u write things makes more sense than wht actually is

Nilima said...
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