May 17, 2007

Finally, here it comes!

It has been quite some time that I have been contemplating to start my own blog, partially to get into this relatively new bandwagon but largely to use this as a dumping ground for my thoughts. After introspecting about the last few years, I realize that I haven't done much towards my passion - writing. Also, I feel the need to instill some discipline in my life, a need to sit down everyday to do something specific. May be this page triggers a disciplined start of better and bigger things going forward, viz., walking, reading, etc. Hopefully..

I really do not have a specific agenda or list of topics that I want to blog about. My guess is they would be extremely random and volatile. Let's see how it goes.

Am unwinding to RDB's Luka Chuppi as I write this. An awesome song - kudos to Lata Mangeshkar, A. R. Rehman and Prasoon Joshi.


sumi said...

well good that you thought of putting your words into action...
hope u put up something that is less technical and easy to decipher...hehehehe.. kidding
three cheers...keep it up

SD said...

All the best dude...It'll be great to get a glimpse of ur thoughts...will be enlightening for us poor soulss ;-) he he!!

Luka Chhupi is a good song..esp when Rehman goes into overdrive with "Kya batoon Maa kahaan hoon main....".