May 29, 2007

Worth a thought

I read this saying somewhere:

Being a good person is like being a goal keeper - no matter how many goals you save, people would still remember only the ones you missed.

Isn't this true?


tejashree said...

Yes its true
Absolutly true,sometimes it even happens that we do something good which we feel to be good but its the different case for the other

tejashree said...
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pandemonic scribbles said...

yes absolutely!
its a bad bad world out there.

guru said...

Deeply impressed by this statement. Many years back i wrote in my diary 'the next world war will be fought on the issue of disarmament'. It was a powerfully innocuous state of life. I had read that somewhere but i always thought i owned that statement!!

Madhurima said...

Yes it is true, but according to me, I don't understand why does public goes with others opinion. Think deeply within your heart, whether you were right or wrong, you missed or saved, you were just or injust and change yourselve accordingly. Million peoples, then million tongues, million opinions, blah blah. So let not waste anyone there precious time. Good luck.