May 21, 2007

Those were the days!

I met two of my best friends of my school days yesterday. Those little kiddos have grown up so much, so fast. Time flies yaar..

We spent a good couple of hours together and remembered those days gone by. When class teachers were so close and affectionate, where fun meant a free period, stress was homework and examinations, relief was whole 2 months vacation (wow.. really miss this), 'KRA' was to try and be in the rank list.

A good part of our time yesterday was spent inquiring about our 'lost' classmates and their whereabouts. Especially our crushes.. all of them married now :(

One of the two I met yesterday (Renny) was always my team mate for quiz competitions, elocutions, science exhibition projects, dramas, etc. One of the dramas that we did in Standard VII is quite a memorable one.

This one was based on one of our history lessons that showed Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj's greatness! The story went like this... Shivaji sends his chief of army (Sondev) to win a nearby territory belonging to some enemy. The chief of army comes back victorious. He brags about the war and how he managed to win it finally by risking his won life, blah blah.. He proudly tells Shivaji that he has brought a special gift for the king. The 'gift' is the queen of the territory he just won. On hearing this, Shivaji loses his cool and gives a long lecture on the 'izzat' and 'garima' of women, how we should protect them and not look down on them as objects of desire & lust, etc etc etc.. In the scene above, Shivaji is giving a dressing-down to Sondev for this cowardly and shameful act!

I played Sondev (second from left in the pic! - though it was so different from my true self ;) ), Renny played Shivaji (next to me). The girl played the role of the 'gift queen' and the boy on the right is the minister (Moropant).

The best part of this drama was a scene where Sondev (me) had to lift the dupatta of the queen. Now, the original girl who was supposed to act as the queen backed out at the last minute. So, this girl was brought in as a replacement. However, no body realized that poor me would not be able to lift her dupatta over her head b'coz of her height! Finally we managed to enact that in stage through team work - she stooped slightly and I jumped simultaneously! It was hilarious and the drama turned out to be a comedy flick.. :)

Oh man, that was fun.. really miss those days.

'Shivaji' has just completed his Masters from a university in Scotland, 'Moropant' is a qualified engineer and the 'queen' is married with two kids now!

Cheers to all.
Keep smiling!


Ren said...

Man u revived all old memories at once and i feel i relate with every single word u have written hari )

Diviya said...

Nice. Reminded me of my school plays. And I guess you were perfect for the part ;).

harish_cmenon said...

He he.. that was a good one :)

sumedh said...

hey Harish, Man u dragged me to the golden days v enjoyed in school. i still remember that play, but cannot recognize the female in the pic or drama and the fourth person. And offcourse if u remember mate even i was the part of that function. Thank You for drifting memories...

Ren said...

Ladies and gentlemen , harish forgot to mention that 'sondev' is a qualified CA now !!! Keep it up buddy :)