June 1, 2011

A little of something

There is always a little truth behind "mazak kar raha tha".......... a little emotion behind "mujhe koi farak nahi padta".......... a little pain behind "it's ok".......... a little need behind "mujhe akela chod do".......... sometimes, a deep thought behind "pata nahi".......... and most times, a lot of words behind silence!

Received this a forwarded sms.


LIFE said...

yeah indeed! :)
Ur thoughts on that msg?

someone u no ;) said...

Uff! These smses are sometimes so hard hitting:
Few I got hit by are:
1.If one day we were put to exchange all our troubles across the table, after few moments, each one would silently take back his own and leave.

2.Life is so confusing…
What we want we didn’t get, what we get we aren’t satisfied, what we expect never happens and what we hate generally repeats.

3.A man saw a poor boy looking at his expensive car, he offered the boy a drive.
Boy: Car is Marvelous! What’s the cost?
Man: Donno, my brother gifted it.
Boy: So nice of him
Man: You also want to have a brother like him?
Boy: No I want to be like him.

4.Somebody once asked God, what surprises you about mankind?
God replied, “They lose their health to make money and then lose their money to restore it, by thinking anxiously about the future they forget about the present such that they live neither the present nor the future, they live as if they will never die and they die as if they had never lived.”

5.An old man says, “Erasers are made for those who make errors.” A youth says, “Erasers are made for those who are willing to correct their errors.”

6.Ajeeb hai na?
Ek Rs. 100 ka note nahut zyada lagta hai jab gareeb ko dena ho, magar hotel mein ho to bahut kam hai.
3 minute upar wale ko yaad karna mushkil hai, magar 3hrs ki movie dekhna aasan hai.
Pure din mehnat ke baad Gym jaane se thakte nahi, magar Maa-Baap ke pair dabane ho to log thak jate hai.
Valentines Day ko Rs. 2000 ka gift apne lover ke liye layenge, magar Mothers Day par ek gulab apni Maa ko nahi denge.
Iss msg ko forward karna mushkil hai, magar faltu jokes forward karma humara farz ban jata hai.

7.Life is like having a coffee…
You sit by the window, lift the cup, take a careless sip and you find less sugar, too lazy to add the sugar. You somehow manage with that sugarless cup.
On finishing you discover undissolved sugar settled at the bottom.
That’s how life is; we do not make any efforts to value what is around or within us. So look around, may be the sweetness you are looking for might be closer than you think.

8.A quote: “Twice I did good but that I heard never… Once I did bad and that I heard forever…”

9.Beautiful lines: “Don’t do something permanently stupid just because you are temporarily upset!”

10.Why do we say sorry even when we aren’t wrong?
Why do we bend ourselves so as not to lose a friend?
Why do we help a buddy even after a quarrel?
Why do we always hurt the one we love?
Why do we try to reach out despite being avoided?
Why do we explain every deed even when it’s not asked for?
Why do we forget our anger & forgive even when it’s all over?
Why do we try to avoid but cant resist the person who is causing us the pain?
Why do we get consoled only when we cry on the shoulders of the one who makes us cry?

Because, some pains are more enjoyed than happiness!
Some relations are bigger than our ego!
Some defeats are more triumphant that victory & some moments are more precious than a life time...


Trishala said...

Old, yet timeless :)

U No Hoo said...

@LIFE: Thought it was true, hence put it up. No more thoughts really to offer.

pandemonic scribbles.. said...

Just like there is a little of truth in every fiction story and a little of fiction in every true story we narrate.

anamika said...

simply luvd every word written in dis article...althou as a sms we ve read this often..bt evry tym i read dis..it directly touches my heart!!!

krazycat@# said...

wow...so true!!