May 29, 2011


...the following movies this year:

No One Killed Jessica: Good movie.

Dhobi Ghat: Again, fine. But expected more considering the hype before the movie.

Dil To Baccha Hai Ji: Ok dokay.

Yeh Saali Zindagi: Very fine. Liked the pace of the movie.

Patiala House: Ok dokay.

7 Khoon Maaf: Good. Priyanka was very good.

Tanu Weds Manu: Ok dokay.

Thank You: Time pass.

Teen Thay Bhai: Time pass too.

Dum Maaro Dum: Good. Again, the pace of the movie was gripping.

Shor In The City: A fine movie.

Chalo Dilli: Ok dokay.

I Am: Good in parts.

Haunted: Stupid.

Ragini MMS: Better than Haunted, still not good.

Stanley Ka Dabba: Well, difficult to dislike a movie with kids involved. One particular kid in it was a chubby little boy, felt like adopting him.

404: Good, intelligent movie. Made me think. Still confused about some parts as to what exactly had they showed.

Fast & Furious 5: Awesome, the best of the lot.

Source Code: Good, akin to Inception.

Lots of movies for few weeks? This is what happens if you are unemployed and have another movies-loving-buddy with you! :)


someone u no ;) said...

May I know, "What is the procedure to be UNEMPLOYED?" :D

...wanna see all movies ever released! :(

P.S. : Haven't seen a movie since past 1 year! Particularly in a Multiplex, likewise I do catchup when they come on T.V. (Yes, Television!)
I envy you on this... :p

Anonymous said...

Have only watched five from the list. 'Shor in the City' and 'Yeh Saali Zindagi' are indeed great films.

Thank You- a timepass film? I'm offended . . . . seriously! Found it (being extremely generous here) at par with crap.

Apart from 'The King's Speech' (Great film, brilliant acting) and a few other English flicks the names of which I can't recollect at the moment, I think you're list is quite exhaustive Sir.

sheril said...

stanley is short n sweet!one worth watching!child labour issue brought out..though not sufficiently i feel!
d child dat u wud adopt wud b aman mehra..d one wid d biggest dabba :D !

nice_n_funny said...

You must be a darling to the Bollywood guys....You have hardly said anything bad about any movie, except for haunted and Ragini MMS....

U No Hoo said...

@someone: Clear CA, you can be unemployed too :)

@Anon: Can understand your sentiment about Thank You :) Just that, I always thought it will be a nonsense movie, so with that expectation I could tolerate that movie and smile at few scenes!

@Sheril: Yeah, that boy indeed. The way he "gurofies" the teacher was fabulous :)

@Aniletta: Good observation bro. I somehow cannot be too critical of the movies I watch. I tend to be soft on them. Can enjoy even the crappiest of movies :)

someone u no ;) said...

Yesterday took the pain of opening the MODULE and all I realized was that I'm standing in front of the OCEAN with SPOON in my hand!
To be UNEMPLOYED indeed sounds difficult! ;)

Ultimate Thinking said...

woo liked your VESHESH TIPNIYA on movies. You left few movies like 'Luv ka the end, Pyaar ka punchnama, FALTU, Yamla pagla deewana....

LIFE said...

I loved fast & furious 5 too! Its awesme! N so is stanley ka dabba! Love 2 read wat u blog sir! Keep dm cmng! :)

U No Hoo said...

@Someone: Yeah, it is indeed not easy.

@Ultimate Thinking: Yeah, missed those movies :(

@Life: Thanks. You too keep coming back!

LIFE said...

I always do and i sure will sir! :)

pandemonic scribbles.. said...

Well, I watched around 15 flicks at the 'plex this calendar year (can't beat you though :-D) Would like to add a disclaimer here that I was thinking of blogging this month on the movies I watched. And I don't mean to plagiarize your post in any way! :)

someone u no ;) said...

@P.S.: Good one (about disclaimer)! :D
...though 15 movies, it's not bad! ;)
Well just noticed your profile as a "CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT"
Congrats! :)

someone u no ;) said...

In Dhobi Ghat, why the old lady was shown that way? (motionless and in shocked state) I'm confused, can't remember if they have shown the reason.
I'm wondering that what could be the reason? As such she was in that state before the young lady committed suicide.

rahul bhomia said...

Sir I hope u haven't Shaitan and BHTB. DB is a crap. DB is a graduation course is gaali !! :P

rahul bhomia said...

Sir I hope u haven't missed Shaitan and BHTB. DB is a crap. DB is a graduation course in gaali !! :P [sorry forgot to type 'missed' in the last comment]

My Thoughts said...

Sir, ab aap iske baare mein kya kahoge? I want you to go through this list and share your favourite ones amongst them-