February 1, 2011

Simple pleasures

Most times in life, the simple things are the most pleasant ones. In our strive towards the big, rocking, earth-shattering events, we end up missing the tiny little precious matters. Ironically, today I happened to experience a similar high.

Firstly, saw this movie Do Dooni Char, starring Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh Kapoor. It is a very simple and basic movie. Yet touched me deep. Amazing flick.

Secondly, reading this book titled Mice in Men written by Anirban Bose. It is a collection of unrelated short stories. Again, basic and simple but hard-hitting.

Must see and must read!


Anonymous said...

Each time that I come across the word 'Simple', I am always reminded of Ruskin Bond and his beautifully written stories, and every time that I'm reminded of him, I feel obliged to believe that 'yes, simple can be effective'.

Nitin said...

Sir, regarding the movie, I would definitely it's simply awesome and a must watch..for the book though I haven't read it..but would definitely read it now..

Aineki said...

Awesome movie indeed.